How Amazon Can Help Your Business Grow


Ecommerce has proved itself to be the future of shopping as more and more customers these days are changing their purchasing behaviors, from physically visiting retail stores to virtually browsing through product lists on online shops and getting their orders delivered right at the doorstep in just a few clicks.

Recent online shopping statistics show that eCommerce businesses are growing steadily against the backdrop of the declining popularity of brick-and-mortar stores. The number of retailers that have to close their stores has been increasing significantly, exceeding 8,000 stores only for this year, among which are Sears, Kmart, Party City, Walgreens, Barneys and Avenue. And the toll is still counting.

This retail apocalypse phenomenon has raised a concern about the struggle of retailers amid the fast-evolving digital-driven shopping environment and, seeing the trend, one important way to survive this situation is to go online. According to a poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) in 2019, 76 percent of US consumers make their purchase online. US Census Bureau forecasts that online sales in the US will continue to grow approximately 20 percent over the next three years, reaching almost 380 million in 2024.


Statista also predicts the number of digital shoppers in the US to grow continuously and reach 230 million by 2024. With the thriving trend of e-shopping, having an online presence means a vast opportunity for retailers, either legacy store owners or new startups, to reach a bigger group of customers and increase sales.

Among the world’s top international e-commerce market platform, Amazon is one of the biggest and most well-known online networks that offer an extensive chance for retail sellers to reach hundreds of million shoppers all over the world.


Amazon has played an important role in enabling the growth in online shopping. Forbes reported that Amazon claimed over 50 percent of the total online retail market last year. A survey also shows that 44 percent of online shoppers say Amazon is the first site they visit when making a purchase online. Not only does it provide an advantage of a huge customer base, Amazon, as an experienced and leading internet marketplace, also offers a wide-ranging system to help retailers export and sell their products to customers around the globe. In the current eCommerce and online shopping era, convenience and fast services are integral factors.


Online shoppers always expect fast delivery and excellent services and being able to fulfill those demands of them is a great contribution to the success of eCommerce. More and more product owners and e-commerce sellers around the world, including from Asia, are seeking to earn their place in the giant market of Amazon, and that is achievable with the aid of FBA service and Amazon Prime Membership.

Despite the tempting opportunities, selling on Amazon is not easy. It takes numerous processes and technical procedures, which is challenging, tedious and also requires expertise from professional service providers. While some businesses may choose to manage these tasks themselves, some others may want to seek the assistance of an expert like end-to-end eCommerce managed solution providers, which can help them from the beginning step of Amazon account setup to the after-service step of Amazon customer services.

An end-to-end eCommerce managed solution partner is a one-stop service provider that offers full management services for businesses looking for success on Amazon, other online marketplaces or their own standalone e-commerce websites. With long experience in online brand management and digital marketing, these eCommerce solution agencies can help retail sellers lay the groundwork and foundation for a strong eCommerce business to ensure that they are ready to go online with the best opportunity for rapid and successful growth.


The set of services provided includes consultation on product development strategies, supply chain management, inventory management, distribution strategies, and how to keep seller accounts in good standing. The right eCommerce partner is key for your business to thrive limitlessly and seamlessly in the digital era.

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