7 Hot Software Development Trends In 2023

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Software development always evolves, and 2023 is no exception. Below are seven software development trends that we think you should know about this year. And when you’re ready to investigate software design and deployment in your company, you can check out Dev.co to help you get ahead in 2023.

Surging Demand For Blockchain Developers

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The number of startup companies in the blockchain area is still rising. Also, fewer software engineers look for jobs related to the blockchain. An Indeed.com study revealed that the number of cryptocurrency job openings on Indeed.com rose 26% in the last year.

The searches per million for these jobs dropped by 50%. This means the need for workers in the blockchain field is rising. Most companies hunt for Bitcoin and Ethereum experts. But many other kinds of projects need blockchain programmers.

Native Apps Will Rule The Market

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Native apps are made to operate only on specific devices, such as cellphones. Because they are designed solely for particular platforms, these apps usually offer a superior user experience and more robust performance than hybrid apps.

That’s why more companies are putting capital into native apps for Android and iOS. As smartphone use is soaring and iOS and Android dominate, it seems unlikely that native application development will fade soon.

IoT Going to the Edge

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Wearable technology, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, get all the attention, but they are just a mere niche in the massive IoT ecosystem. From highways to vehicles, oil rigs to family rooms, almost everything can turn into a device that collects information.

These products collect vast amounts of data. IT firms are looking at cheaper and faster ways to process these data reams. And that’s where edge computing is playing a growing role.

Edge computing features a mesh of small data centers to crunch data near the electronic device or at the network’s edge. Doing processing on the edge saves money and time as it ports all data to the leading data center. An end-user finds that IoT devices work faster with real-time data analytics, even if they have poor connectivity.

Experts predict edge computing will affect every IT infrastructure part, including the cloud. But some say there are disadvantages to edge computing, which brings us to cybersecurity.

5G Will Spread

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5G technology hit the headlines in early 2023, although it was due to an unfounded rumor that it spread COVID-19. But in 2023, experts believe 5G will be a growing trend, but for the right reasons.

5G technology boosts new radio frequencies and speeds of up to 100 Gbps, making the new network 100 times faster than 4G. It’s expected that 5G will be the standard with at least 1.4 billion devices globally by 2026.

5G is made for labor-intensive applications, such as virtual reality and 4k video streaming. Developers who crave making designs and features that boost business performance value the technology. 5G promises more efficient transmission of data and faster speeds, so we expect it to be a leading trend this year.

Cybersecurity Risks Rising

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If you recall, 2017 was a terrible year for data security. There were significant breaches involving Equifax, Uber, and the National Security Agency. Security is of the utmost importance for all organizations, enterprises, and governments. This means new resources will be dedicated to devising new security solutions.

There are two significant types of cybersecurity efforts: internal and external. In an internal initiative, companies focus on building cybersecurity into the software. Development teams should concentrate on automatic security testing during the software development process. This helps to uncover vulnerabilities that are not found during software development.

But there is a lack of qualified workers in the cybersecurity field. Some reports say 65% of companies surveyed said they do not have enough cybersecurity workers. Also, the lack of skilled workers in this critical area is their primary concern.

The shortage has severe consequences that go beyond business. Some say that the lack of cybersecurity professionals is a significant threat to national security.

Progressive Web Apps With Catch Fire

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Progressive web apps (PWAs) are emerging in the software development world. These are web applications that are made to run on smartphones and tablets. It’s an app that provides native app functionality and website accessibility without taking up valuable space on your phone.

A PWA offers the user an experience akin to a native app, but you don’t need to download them from the app store. You also don’t need to update them, and they take no memory on your handheld device.

Plus, PWAs are more straightforward for programmers to develop and maintain than native applications. You can even install a progressive web app on your smartphone’s home screen and enjoy it without using a browser. We expect PWAs to be a big player in software development in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence and Security Are Essential

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Businesses must adapt artificial intelligence to keep relevant. Smartphones, Big Data, and voice-activated home assistants will continue to grow in popularity as AI is adopted.

Tech behemoths such as Apple, Facebook, and Google are already moving towards artificial technology. You can see this trend in the companies’ integration of predictive analytics based on AI, enhancing user experience.

Also, AI security will grow this year. We’ve already noticed a focus on AI, but there has been something lacking in the security area.

For example, an automated car must read data from the road, such as a stop sign. What if someone puts a 35 MPH sticker on the stop sign? There is a chance the system will see this as a speed limit sign and go through the stop. It’s relatively easy to deceive the AI.

It’s clear that software development is changing and improving with each passing year. Companies that want to stay on top competitively are wise to anticipate web application development outsourcing and create the teams and processes to meet the challenges head-on. If you do that, your company can dominate this year and beyond.