What is The Best Season for Hiring Home Pest Control Services?

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Pests! Universal trouble, in whatever part of the planet Earth lived. It goes without saying that there are parts of the world where pests are more numerous and diverse (such as Australia, Africa and other warmer regions).

Wherever there are people, food, plants, fruits and vegetables, there are pests. Bugs, ants, mice, rats … a whole universe of beings that will crawl into your house, walk on your furniture, eat your food, live with you and meet their physiological needs, multiply intensively.

Not only is their presence undesirable, and encounters with them cause disgust and anxiety, but they are also a real danger from various types of diseases that are transmitted to humans and pets.

Best seasons for hiring home pest control service

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Pest experts behind www.qualityaffordablepestcontrol.ca told us once pests move into your house or apartment, pests (regardless of species) usually stay there permanently, so you can’t just wait for them to disappear. They build nests in hidden places and live there, bring food, breed and hibernate in winter. Depending on the type, the time when acting against them is most effective also depends.

Where there is food and where it is warm, pests do not rest even in winter. Cockroaches and rats are the best examples of this. All house bugs and rodents in big cities are constantly active, so their population can be affected throughout the year.

However, early spring is ideal and this term should not be missed and then derivatization should be carried out, wherever possible. Then new litters are made, the colony grows enormously and that is the moment for action. Also, the humidity is high, which is something that is good for insects. The rodents wake up from the hibernation phase and reproduction begins.

Summer should not be skipped either, for constant destruction by various means, baits, and traps, which do not have to be only on a chemical, but also on a physical basis. Autumn is also a period when the population of pests can be actively affected, then they prepare for winter and can easily take to the nests and wings in the nests a means that is destructive to them. This can destroy a large part of the nest and disable them from laying eggs and producing new ones.

How to behave in case you have pests in the house

Locating nests

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There are cases when certain types of pests appear and leave the same places all the time. These can be cracks in the walls, parquet slats, door and window frames. Their activity in winter is usually reduced or completely interrupted.

They lay larvae and rest until spring arrives. In that case, it is good to spray with adequate spray in winter or to sprinkle these places with powder or solution. This will destroy the larvae and reduce the population. The same goes for mice and rats, their activity never stops. Place repellents or baits, as instructed, wherever their nests or pathways may be.


Although we all think that the hygiene in our house is at a high level, we are not even aware of how wrong we are. Various crumbs, drops, papers, bags, unwashed plates in the sink, trash in the bin that stays overnight or longer… are all sources of food for various pests.

Be sure to remove all leftover food, take out the garbage regularly, scrub kitchen surfaces, wash floors. The food of your pets should not be constantly present, neither in the house nor in the yard, because it is also a bait. Keep the trash can closed and make sure there are as few opportunities as possible for pests to feed on something. Even the smallest crumbs left behind are enough for them.

When to call professionals?

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Sometimes, even though you have done everything in your power, the pests multiply so much that you meet them wherever you go day and night. It’s a horrible feeling and suddenly you start analyzing where they went and what they sniffed, touched and went through. You start to worry about your family’s health and you can’t get rid of those scary thoughts.

How to choose a pest control team?

The Internet, newspapers, advertising spaces … are full of advertisements that offer the services of professionals of this type. This is because the problem of pests is one of the most present and widespread in the world. Look at the ads, consult with neighbors, friends and relatives, surely many of them have already had experiences of this kind. When you decide on a particular team, look for the following information from them:

-references that talk about the experience and locations where they worked

– what they use (this is very important because unprofessional handling of hazardous substances can be dangerous to the health of you, your family, pets, birds, bees and your entire environment. Also, this area has also progressed and abandoned are obsolete. And extremely toxic pesticides. More attention is paid to the environment, chemicals are milder and are often based on natural remedies, harmless to the rest of the living world.)

-manner of action (find out how it will work, whether you need to leave the house for a couple of hours or days, whether you need to cover the furniture, pool… This will make their job easier and save yourself unpleasant surprises. Certainly children and keep pets away from treated surfaces)

-guarantee (it is necessary to ask for a certified written guarantee, in case the cause of your troubles is not completely eradicated and destroyed. They should also guarantee for a certain period of time in which you should not have problems.)

-price (be sure to pay attention to the price of the service, inquire in several places, do not allow someone to abuse you and charge you too much, because you are in a situation where you have to hire a team. There are various offers, and you try to find one which suits you best.)


When you have freed your home from unwanted visitors and finally breathed a sigh of relief, try to follow the rules of hygiene and habits that will prevent the re-formation of colonies of attacks that threaten you.

Educate your youngest family members, too, because they are often careless and scatter snacks, spill juices and leave a mess behind, thus attracting pests. Also, you need to be aware that sometimes certain weather conditions favor some species of insects or rodents, and sometimes extremely wet or dry years make them appear in greater numbers.

Nature is like that, it has its own rules and its own laws, and we cannot act there permanently. We can, with our responsible and well-organized behavior, make our home and our environment as protected as possible and provide our family with a healthy living environment.