Holidays in Fuerteventura: The Reasons Why You Should Visit This Island

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It is well known that the Canary Islands have something that attracts tourists from all around the world. The best perk about this wonderful destination is the dreamlike temperatures throughout the year so that anyone can go on vacation when it suits them best without giving up the summer weather and vibes.

Fuerteventura is considered the quietest island of the seven, so here is where you have to go to in order to enjoy your holidays in the Canary Islands. It doesn’t matter if you want to relax, to go to the beach, to practice watersport or to explore into the wild, you can do it in Fuerteventura. But what is it in this island? Here are the reasons why you should definitely visit it.

Luxury hotels 

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There is a wide range of hotels in Fuerteventura, such as the Lopesan. The two Lopesan resorts in Jandia and Morro Jable provide you all the comfort that you need to relax and rest during your vacation while allowing you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and fun activities in the surroundings.

Wonderful beaches

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In Fuerteventura, you can find beaches that look like paradise: fine sand, crystal clear water, and neverending, sunny days. In the north, we find Corralejo, which is a town that contains some of the most influential beaches for tourism on the islands. In the south, there are the Beaches of Jandia. Placed between the Costa Calma and Morro Jable, these beaches are the most beautiful of Fuerteventura with their calm and shallow turquoise waters. One of the places you should not miss is the Playa de Sotavento, which is the best beach on the island, according to locals.

Outdoor sports

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If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to stop even on holiday, Fuerteventura is your ideal destination. Apart from the fact that the temperature is ideal for whatever outdoor activities you’d like to try, you must also keep in mind that the winds are usually favorable, and this makes it possible to practice water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or sailing. Of course, those who prefer hiking have a good area of nature to explore, both on foot and by bike.

History and nature

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Tindaya Mountain is the perfect destination for those who like both field trips and cultural tourism. In this place, there have been found cave engravings painted by the aborigines who inhabited the island centuries ago. It is so worthwhile that the mountain has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest and, of course, is recognized as a Point of Geological Interest and Natural Monument.

Camel rides

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Did you think that you’ll have to travel to Africa or to the Middle East to be able to ride a camel? Well, you were wrong. You can do it in Fuerteventura -in fact, it is highly recommended if you want to take a walk and enjoy the wonderful dunes.


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If you want to get truly lost to escape from stress, maybe the quietude of Fuerteventura itself is not enough. If that’s the case, then you can go to Isla de Lobos, a tiny island that can only be reached by ferry. Far away are the noises and the asphalt, here you have the option of getting in direct contact with nature and finding yourself again. More than 100 species of plants and a few birds are waiting for you there. 

How can I get to the island of Fuerteventura?

To reach the island of Fuerteventura, as with the other islands of the Canary archipelago, you can do so by two very classic routes: by plane and by boat.

Getting to Fuerteventura by plane

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More than 90% of the tourism that the island of Fuerteventura receives arrives by plane at Fuerteventura’s Matorral airport. It is located only 6 kilometers from the capital, Puerto del Rosario. Flights to this airport come from all Spain, the other Canary Islands and especially from Germany and the United Kingdom. You can find flights in companies like Iberia or Spanair and low cost as Air Berlin or Transavia.

Getting to Fuerteventura by boat

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Besides the plane, another way to reach the island of Fuerteventura (from south Spain mainland, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Tenerife) is by ferry thanks to one of the three shipping companies that connect with the island’s ports. These companies are Naviera Armas, Transmediterránea (thanks to its Jet-Foil), and Fred Olsen, which connect the ports of the island (Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo, and Morro Jable) with various destinations. Note that the tickets are cheaper than those of the plane, so it is an option that should not be discarded.

How to get around the island of Fuerteventura

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The best option to move around the island of Fuerteventura is to rent a vehicle, either a car, quad or motorbike. On the island, it is very popular to rent a quad because they are very easy to handle and can be parked anywhere.


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