Getting Fit Remotely? Try These 4 Optimization Tips 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness became a lonely endeavor. Gyms closed their doors, runners hit the street at off hours, and home gym spaces became a popular new fixture in houses and apartments across the country. While still fitting in a workout, those used to spending long hours getting fit largely felt as though they were losing ground or accomplishing less. Now, however, as gyms reopen their doors, fitness buffs have to decide whether to return to their old routines, and many are weighing the benefits of remaining remote.

A Fitness Revolution

As much as people miss the gym and the many types of equipment they put at their disposal, numerous trend reports suggest that remote fitness is here to stay. People have invested in fitness equipment that meets their needs, found online classes they enjoy, and gotten used to skipping the commute – and costs – associated with gym membership. These are all logical deterrents for people, as far as sticking with their new routine, but even as they appreciate the conveniences, many athletes attest to completing workouts that just don’t live up to their pre-pandemic experiences.

Convenience Counts

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The convenience of working out from home is one of the primary factors that make online workouts appealing, especially to today’s busy professionals. They don’t have to work around gym hours or pre-scheduled group classes, or exhaust themselves by heading to the gym immediately before or after their commute. Still, there needs to be a way to get more of the benefits of the gym at home, and one approach to consider is working with an online personal trainer.

Why work with an online personal trainer rather than meet with one in person? While programs vary, according to, these programs can provide the personalized feedback of in-person training with the convenience of a YouTube video. Want exercises targeted to your fitness needs and feedback on your performance, but prefer to set your own schedule? These online programs are the best of both worlds.

Set Up For Success

Even if you’re using a convenient online personal training tool or other fitness videos, squinting at your phone screen is hardly the best way to learn new exercises or follow a routine. You need a better-designed workout space. Transform your workout area by removing area rugs, setting up appropriate lighting, and installing a mirror.

Most importantly, consider using an adapter to play videos on your TV screen, instead of on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This will help you focus on the exercises being presented, rather than struggling to see them. That added focus will go a long way towards increasing your intensity – the key is not wasting brainpower on understanding what exercises to perform.

Try Different Styles

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One thing that people sometimes overlook when taking fitness classes at home or doing a remote workout is that, just because the content has been made accessible, that doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for the space available to you. That can be a letdown, especially if it means leaving a favorite instructor or activity behind, but it may be for the best. 

While you can mix and match all kinds of exercises, if you’re looking for a coherent routine, you might want to consider practices that don’t require a lot of space, such as yoga, pilates, and even Zumba. None of these structured workouts require much in terms of equipment, but offer a wide range of intensities, which means there are options for participants at different levels. Another option to consider is something like step aerobics, which may feel a bit retro, but can have you working up a sweat, even if you’re stuck in your living room. Add some ankle weights and your favorite jams to that routine and you’ll really be feeling the burn.

On the other hand, if you’re working out in an apartment or cramped home, you’ll likely want to avoid trying to set up an equipment-heavy HIIT circuit, such as one that moves between jump ropes, agility ladders, and plyo boxes because you just won’t have the room. There are plenty of HIIT routines you can do at home without filling your house with gear or taking over three rooms for a half-hour workout. Those other sets are better left to group classes at your local gym, where there’s plenty of space to spread out.

Have A Goal

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What motivates you to work out? Do you simply hit the gym for your health, or does fitness fulfill your competitive streak? When you know what motivates you, it’s much easier to formulate a remote fitness routine that you find challenging and fulfilling. Many people find that they’re more committed to their workouts when they choose a fitness buddy to take classes with, even though they aren’t taking them physically together, or if they choose to take a live class and utilize the chat function. These steps can make a big difference if working out is a social outlet for you.

Another step that can help you feel more motivated by your workout and go deeper in your fitness practices is finding an instructor or trainer who will push you harder. This is one of the advantages of working with an online personal trainer, but there are other ways to get an added push. For example, you might research different trainers to find someone with a compelling fitness backstory or whose training and history suggest they’ll run a tight ship in their classes. A former Olympian who’s taken up a career as a fitness instructor – and there are plenty out there – is likely to push their students to do more than those with a more laid-back history.

Working out at home isn’t for everyone, and many people will return to the gym. Still, those who decide to stick with their new at-home fitness routine shouldn’t have to compromise quality or intensity for convenience. By choosing the right approach to digital fitness, you can achieve a gym quality, professionally guided workout wherever you are. It’s a turning point for the industry and for individuals – fitness will never look the same again.