How Do You Get Through Airport Lines Faster – 2023 Guide


Travelers have to go through understaffed checkpoints and too long queues every holiday season. Waiting in line to get through security and hoping you can make it to your flight can be unbearable. Especially if you are running late, the whole situation can get extremely stressful. But as a savvy traveler, here are a few hacks that will help mitigate your stress and emerge from the herd. Know everything at usvipservices.

1.Become An Elite Member


Getting an elite membership of an airline can do much more than help you save on flight tickets. You can use your membership to get priority in security lines. Most domestic and international airlines offer this benefit to passengers with an elite membership.

2.Invest In A TSA-Approved Laptop Bag

You must have stocked up on lots of cool travel accessories, but a TSA-Approved Laptop Bag can be a total win. With a TSA bag, you will not have to take the pain of removing your laptop and other gadgets from your carry-on and putting it in a separate bin. Place the bag on the belt and let it go through the scanner.

3.Do A Web Check-In


Sure, web-checking has become mandatory during the pandemic but make it a regular travel practice. Once you have the boarding pass on your phone, you can skip the whole check-in process. Just drop your luggage at the counter and avoid the check-in line completely. This way, you will get through your security faster.

4.Keep Your Pockets Empty

Before you reach the screening line, empty your pockets and place your belongings in a bin to go through the scanner. Instead of keeping your phone and wallet in your carry on, could you put them in your pocket? This will ensure that you waste less time on security.

5.Fly At Odd Timings


The best way to avoid long airport queues is by avoiding peak flying times. Book your flight at odd hours, either very early in the morning or late at night. Often, flight tickets are also cheap at odd hours. You will not only save your airfare but will expedite your security screening process.

6.Pick A Faster-Moving Line

If you are not a privileged or elite member of an airline, observe and get into the faster-moving lines. Lines with more business travelers are shorter than lines with families. Another great tip is to get to a line on your left, as most people tend to turn right.

7.Take Off Your Outer Layers Before It Is Your Turn


Don’t wait until you get to the front of the screening to remove your belt and jacket. Remove your jacket as soon as you get to the line for your boarding pass and ID check. This will help you and the others behind you get through the security lines faster. A good tip is to wear something without a belt.

Although going to the airport right now may seem like all gloom and doom, there are several options to get through security faster than your traveling peers.