7 Games Couples Play During the Quarantine in 2023

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With the ongoing situation and crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic, couples are finding new ways of entertainment. Due to lockdown, you will see couples trapped in their houses. After doing everything possible, every couple is eager to explore some fun activities during this time. Using different props like sex toys through the best sextoysaver.co.uk website will be right for having some cozy moments together. According to the recent reports, people are expected to boom babies after the lockdown ends. However, do you wonder what you should use during pregnancy, to keep up with the sexual desires you have? Is it safe to use these toys for a few months into pregnancy? What other activities you can do with your partner under quarantine?

We will take you through the most erotic and fun games that you can play with your better-half at home and have the best time of your life:

1. Sexy truth and dare game:

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To begin with the first activity, you can always go for a truth and dare game that you might be aware of for many years. Here, you can add some fun and erotic dares when your partner chooses the option. To play this game, you need a bottle that you can spin either on the bed or a table. Choose a comfortable place where you can fulfill your nasty desires too. Then rotate the container and whoever gets the top side, will have to choose from the options truth or dare? For example, your girlfriend wants to dare; you can tell her to seduce you like she may have done it sometimes when you were dating. It will surely help you guys know each other and feel the passion.

2. Scrabble game in a romantic way:

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Scrabble is a game that you have been playing since childhood. What can you do to make it a romantic match? Now to play this game at a whole new level, you can set some rules. These rules will have the formation of words that are romantic like a kiss, sex, blow job, and so on. Another thing will be the activities that you can add like if your partner makes the work kiss, he/she will have to do it seductively. Else, you can choose the dare to remove an article of clothing whenever your partner loses.

3. Drinking Roulette:

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You and your partner need two glasses and a bottle of your favorite hard drink. If you like it hard, you can go for a blended whiskey; otherwise, a wine bottle will be the best choice. However, even if you are non-alcoholic, you can play this game with juice or any other soft-drink you like. The game starts with asking questions from your partner for which the other person has to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The game is simple, but you can add some spice while playing it.

Ask your partner whether he enjoys having sex lately? If he answers yes, the person will have to take a sip. For a ‘no’ answer, you need to keep your drinks on the table until the next question. The main aim is to add some fun to the dull day. Therefore, do it as you like.

4. Following hints game in a sexy way:

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You can rejoice every moment at home by starting with hiding yourself somewhere. It would help if you left clues for your partner so that they can come and rescue you. If you have a big house, it would be one of the best games that you can play together. Now, once you know the insight of the game, you can hang clues in different rooms alongside where you can add some fun activities that your partner has to do. For example, with the first hint, your better-half has to open his or her shit. Then, for the second step, they will have to remove another clothing. This way, you can increase the excitement and have fun during the quarantine.

5. Fulfilling the romantic deal games:

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You must have heard about a simple game named ‘Deal or No Deal’. In this game, you can offer your partner to get indulged in some fantasy role-play activities or choose a cash price over it. If your partner is smart and passionate, he/she will want more fun over choosing cash. You can write down your romantic desires and put it in an envelope besides money. Let your partner choose your desires and fulfil them instantly. A straightforward game will turn into the most fantastic pass-time for both of you.

6. Blow job game with some fruity flavored Pecker gums:

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Try adding some sex toys from bedbible to make it even spicier. There are some tasty gums available in the market that are specially for giving blow jobs. In such a case, you must buy a full pack and add it to the game you play. These gums are flavoured so you can go with the flow by letting your girl eat a piece of gum, and if she likes it, she will give you a blow job. It will add some sultry and tempting moments to your life while you both have to get bored at home.

7. 50 positions of bondage sex position game with cards:

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If you are a highly passionate person and you wish to indulge in the best sex-game ever, go for the card game for 50 positions of bondage sex positions. To play this game, you need cards that are readily available either online or in any sex toys store. These cards will have the best sex positions that you will come across. Now, after throwing every tenth card, the eleventh one will tell you what you have to do. You should have your safety device with you as it can get nasty and hard-core. It is for the couples who wish to have the most lubricious moments during the lockdown.

Due to COVID-19 crisis all over the world, you need something to keep yourself entertained. The games mentioned above will be one way to keep that love grow within the four walls of your house.