What Floral Arrangements Are the Best to Send on Valentine’s Day?

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For centuries, people have been gifting their loved ones with flowers to communicate their emotions. Moreover, every year during Valentine’s Day, people around the world happily mark the special day by gifting their loved ones with beautiful floral arrangements.

Floral arrangements are very versatile because they can be sent as a gift on their own, or they can accompany another gift. In addition, you can customize the floral arrangement gift by adding a card with a heartfelt message.

In addition, it is very easy to send a Valentine’s Day gift arrangement to loved ones, especially when they are miles away, through online delivery services such as Proflowers.com.

If you were very busy and remembered to mark the occasion at the last minute, you can use same-day flower delivery services to ensure the gift reaches your loved one in time. Below are some great choices of floral arrangements to send to your loved one to mark the special occasion.


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Tulips are a great choice for someone who wants to step away from the tradition of gifting a loved one with the classic rose bouquet. Tulips are beautiful and are known to represent unconditional love. In addition, red tulips generally symbolize passionate love.

On the other hand, yellow, white, or pink tulips symbolize hope and care and are perfect presents for friends and family. They are so vibrant that they can fill any room they’re in with love and light. Perfect for your sweet valentine.


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Buttercups symbolize charm, and you can send someone a bouquet of these blooms to show them how charmed you are by them. Buttercups are available in a wide range of colors and are a suitable gift for people who are sensitive to strong scents.

Buttercups are popularly used in weddings and can make a floral arrangement look very classy, elegant, and romantic. As they aren’t as traditional they can still bring a good amount of flair to any space.


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Sunflowers represent positivity, good fortune, and adoration. In addition, they look beautiful in a bouquet and can truly brighten up a recipient’s day. Therefore, they are a good gift for Valentine’s Day.

They bring sunshine with them. This is a great flower to send to someone who may not be into all the traditional red and pink. Some like it bright and fiery, and that’s what these flowers will do for you.


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If you would like a loved one to know that you admire them and are fascinated by them, then you should send them carnations because those are the feelings they are popularly known to symbolize.

In addition, if you want someone to know that your love is unyielding and deep, you should send them dark red carnations. Moreover, you can send a family member or friend pale pink carnations to let them know you appreciate them.


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Roses are associated with romance and love and are still the most popularly gifted floral arrangement on valentine’s day. Roses became popular Valentine’s Day flowers during the 17th century and are still the most popular blooms that are used to mark the special occasion.

You can send your loved one roses in one color, or you can mix up different-colored roses to create a vibrant floral arrangement. These are traditional but in the best way. Everyone likes a classic red rose to add to their Valentine’s collection.


You can mark the special occasion by sending your loved one striking and sentimental floral arrangements like tulips, red roses, carnations, sunflowers, and buttercups. In addition, you can accompany the floral arrangement with a heartfelt and personal card, or with another gift that you know they will love.

Everyone loves having a beautiful bouquet on the day of love. Finding which ones suit the right person is a great way to show you care.