Here are the Top Ten Tips to Find The Right for You


1. Do your research

Do your research before you make a booking at any medical spa. There are many med spas available. Some are great, some are dangerous. It is important to ensure that your treatment is performed by a qualified professional. There are a lot of frauds out there who offer treatments that they aren’t actually qualified to administer. So before you schedule an appointment anywhere, make sure that the place is reputable and not some strange injector in a hotel room. If you are in a larger city, like New York, opt for places like Skingenity plastic surgery, which is bright, clean, and openly available on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

2. What services do they offer? Look for a medspa that specializes in your treatment.


When looking at different med spas make sure you look into the details of their services and treatments. You should look for a medspa that is specialized in the particular treatment that you are interested in, if you’re looking to have one treatment done. Some med spas focus more on skin treatments such as lasers and medical facials while others specialize in body sculpting. Some specialize in Botox while others offer lip fillers and other dermal fillers alongside Botox injections. Make sure you look at all of the options and to see if there are any that specialize in the treatment you want. Also be sure to look extra carefully if you are trying to get under eye fillers. This treatment can get complicated and can turn out less than optimal if administered by an untrained injector.

3. Who is responsible for the administration of the procedures?

Find out who will take care of you and your treatment. While some medical spas are managed by only doctors, others have registered nurses or aestheticians who can provide most of the services under the guidance of a doctor. Call the med spa to confirm that you will receive treatment by a physician if you prefer. No matter how much you like the doctor who is performing your treatment, it is important to research the individual giving it. It is worthwhile to find out who the supervising physician is, even if it is a registered nurse or aesthetician. You should verify their qualifications, especially if the procedure you are considering is being performed.

4. What is the role of the supervising physician?


You may feel more at ease if you have your treatment performed by an aesthetician or registered nurse. This is especially important if this is your first time having any type of treatment. Are they present in the room during your treatment? Are they able to give you your consultation? From the moment you arrive at the clinic, to the moment that you leave, find out the exact process. You will know what to expect and there will be no surprises.

5. Consultation

A consultation should be offered by most clinics. Consultation should include a thorough physical examination that focuses on the treatment you are interested in or the area you wish to address. The doctor will also offer educated recommendations on how best to treat you. Although you might think you know exactly what you need, it’s always best to check with your doctor to make sure you are eligible for the procedure. If they are unsure, they can tell you what the best alternative is. You can avoid unwanted complications and results.

6. Are they able to give you informed suggestions or just do what you ask?


When you visit the doctor to have your treatment performed, it is crucial to obtain their opinion. Only the doctor can decide if you are suitable for the procedure. If you can go to a clinic and tell them your wishes, and they are able to provide it without asking questions or without the doctor’s approval, the clinic will likely be less concerned about quality and safety and more focused on quantity.

7. Before and after

Check to see if they have any before and after photos that you can take a look at. You can then see their work and decide if you like it.

8. How is the clinic inside?


Although this may not be something you are thinking about, take a moment to look around the facility. You want to feel at ease wherever you go. Before you book your appointment, take a look at photos or ask to see the clinic. You should check that everything is clean and sanitary before you visit the clinic. Also, make sure you are comfortable with your procedure.

9. Customer service

What does their customer service look like? Are they friendly and helpful when you call them? Or do they rush you along the way and not answer your questions or concerns? This is an important question, not only for paying customers, but also as patients. This could be an indication of how you will experience the clinic. Do not allow anyone to rush you through your medical treatment, especially if they are putting anything in your face.

10. Review


If there’s one thing you can do to improve your customer service, it is to look at the reviews. Remember that reviews are not always positive or negative. Although there will be some negative reviews for most places, the majority of them should be positive. Sometimes, you might even be able to get recommendations from a particular doctor or aesthetician. You may be able to find better places to visit if there are many negative reviews.

If you are looking for any type of medical treatment, it is essential to thoroughly research any location you visit. Everything matters, from the facility to the staff and the treatments. It is important that you feel at ease. It will make a big difference to explore your options and make an informed decision about the best place for yourself.