Where to Look for The Best Potential Hires for Your Business in 2024? Finding Your Dream Team

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Now that it’s time to expand your already stellar team, things are probably feeling equally exciting and terrifying. What if the new person, or people, that join aren’t quite up to the standard of the employees you already love?

What if they don’t fit in with the rest of the group? Questions like those, and even more, will be flying through your head throughout the hiring process and even during the first few months of your new employee’s tenure.

What can be done about these new hire blues? The best way to solve this problem is to make sure you are getting the best possible talent in front of you during the hiring process. Doing so can feel like it’s easier said than done but checking these places will make finding the perfect candidates an absolute breeze.

Social Media

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This might not be the first place one thinks to look for possible job candidates but likely those following you, no matter how big or small your company is, are doing so out of interest in working for your company.

As the posts on your social media pages show scenes of happy employees throughout holidays and normal weekly affairs, many of your followers are going to be wondering if they’d fit in your company’s culture as well.

Don’t feel like job postings only belong on your website or job boards, make a post on your socials about it too. Most of us are chronically online, so places like Instagram or Facebook are where most of us are likely to see your posts. Everyone wants employees who want to be there and those following you online are exactly those people.

Job Boards

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Don’t think that you should count out the traditional options, as places like LinkedIn or Indeed are nothing to look past. If you are focusing on the quality of the applicant and not the number of applications, this might be the route for you to follow.

If this is the case, questions can be created that the applicant must answer before getting their information even gets to you.

If they are missing skills or experience you feel are an absolute must, those questions will be your best friend as you look to bring in new employees as they will filter out anyone who doesn’t fit the bill. If you love the idea but the process of it sounds too overwhelming for you, bring in a professional talent acquisition specialist to do the heavy lifting for you.


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As much as it might feel like it, your favorite employees can’t be one of a kind. Whether they have friends from previous jobs or their schooling, looking to who you’ve already vetted might be the best way to make sure whoever you’d be bringing is both a cultural fit and someone who has the values and ideals that already make your workplace what it is.

As you encourage your employees to refer friends and former colleagues, think about who you and the higher-ups should also be calling on. Friends of yours might interview someone who isn’t the perfect fit for them but that candidate could be right at home along with you and all the employees at your business.