Do you have the interest to play guitar? Are you going to start learning to play guitar? Do you want to buy a new guitar to practice? Looking for a guitar that has everything that you need to start playing guitar? If like so, then you reached a right place to know an excellent guitar for you. Stay here to find that excellent guitar.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package?
  2. What Epiphone Les Paul Player Package includes?
  3. Features of Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package
    • Les Paul Special-II LTD
    • Epiphone Electar 10-Watt Amp
    • Clip-On Chromatic tuner
    • eMedia Guitar Lesson Software
  4. Overview
    • Pros
    • Cons
  5. Final words

What is Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package?


Epiphone is one of the oldest American instrument makers and it has made instruments in a different variety of styles. Now this Epiphone is improved in its technical aspects and it includes ProBucker pickup, series-parallel switching, shadow NanoFlex and NanoMag pickup system, built-in KillSwitch pots and like more.

What Epiphone Les Paul Player Package includes?


The Epiphone Les Paul includes everything that you need to start playing guitar. Below is the list of those things.

  • Guitar cable
  • Clip-on headstock chromatic tuner
  • Medium picks
  • Easy-to-carry gig bag
  • Epiphone guitar strap
  • Les Paul pack offers free downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia

Features of Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package:


This is the section to know why Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar is the excellent options for you.

Les Paul Special-II LTD:

The Les Paul special-II LTD includes two open-coil humbuckers and a solid wood body with a classic profile. So, it’s not like that single coil pickup that is sensitive to interference from all other electrical sources, the Les Paul Epiphone pickups “Buck the hum”.

Additionally, the Les paul special-II LTD’s solid bolt-on hard maple neck includes a classic rosewood fingerboard. And, it comes in two classic colors such as Ebony and Vintage Sunburst.

Epiphone Electar 10-Watt Amp:

The Les Paul Epiphone as well includes a portable Electar 10-watt amp with a 6” speaker. This is the low watt guitar and it is more popular for beginners because it’s very easy to get a tone and produce strong sound even for low volume.

Clip-On Chromatic tuner:

This Epiphone Les Paul player pack also has a Clip-On Chromatic tuner. So, it is very easy to make adjustments even performing on stage or in the studio.

eMedia Guitar Lesson Software:

This eMedia Guitar Lesson software offer easy instructional videos which expand to full-screen. It also includes powerful and a full complement of helpful tools such as finger or note tracker.




  • It has simplified tone adjustment
  • This guitar has a mahogany neck
  • This is perfect setup for beginners
  • The Les Paul Electric Guitar is an outstanding choice for budget people
  • It includes 2 open coil humbuckers
  • It offers free on-line lessons from eMedia


  • This guitar comes with very light bendy strings

Final words:


Are you a newbie to playing guitar? This is the first time for you to use a guitar? Then I strongly suggest you to buy Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player package, Vintage Sunburst. Get strong sound for less volume!!


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