Importance of Dog Activity Tracker


The Dog activity tracker is a device designed in such a way that they track the movement of your dog and vital signs using small sensors and store the information for you or your veterinarian for review. Once the information is recorded by the dog’s activity tracker, it’s stored internally for you to download or technologically sent via Bluetooth to your phone or computer. Some trackers have got cloud capabilities so you can hold on to your pup’s health history as much as you can. If you’re concerned about your dog’s health, weight and activities then a dog activity tracker is the best recommendation. The essay will widely explore various reasons why dog activity trackers are essential.

Help your dog lose weight


Dog activity tracker helps your dog healthily lose weight. Overweight and obesity may risk your dog’s health due to fat accumulation which may cause disease and shorten their life. Scientific evidence reveals that fat tissue is biologically active. It creates inflammatory hormones and creates oxidative stress on the body’s tissue both of which contribute to many diseases. Dog’s with overweight and obesity risk suffering from many types of cancer, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and faster degeneration of affected joints. Therefore, a dog activity tracker and accompanying apps help you measure the activities of your dog so that you can increase it gradually or maintain it at a certain level that keeps your dog in shape. For example, using a FitBark activity, the tracker will monitor your dog’s daily activity and sleep and turn it into deep, actionable health insights. It motivates your dog to be active, explain changes in behavior, and make better decisions with your vet about nutrition, mobility, anxiety, and other issues. This helps in maintaining your dog’s shape and weight.

Makes sure your dog is stimulated


Just like a human, dogs need stimulation and exercise to live long and happy. Consistent stimulation promotes good behavior and also prevents destructive behavior. When you allocate a set amount of time to work with your dog, you’re aiding in their health by preventing obesity, strengthening their cardiovascular health and muscles, reducing digestive problems, keeping joints mobile and supple, and keeping their brain active. When you provide outdoor stimulation, you’re promoting house training, a pet’s ability to cope with absences, build confidence and trust for your pet and increase socialization with people and other dogs. Example use of poof pet activity tracker, its monitor’s progress, rest, food intake, and calories burned. The pet tracker will be essential in dog stimulation. According to the proof pet tracker, it will track the progress and trend in your dog’s exercise and recommend the appropriate actions such as food intake and activities. Based on the information provided by the device, you can easily change the activities of your pet to ensure maximum stimulation which is very important for the mental and physical wellness of your dog.

Monitor walk with your dog walker


Seeing and exploring new paths, other pets and wildlife are great mental stimulation for your dog. Walking also releases excess energy and helps your dog sleep better at night. Besides, dog walks are important for emotional health. Taking your dog one on one walk will deepen your bond and deter annoying attention-seeking behavior such, excessive barking and whining. Dog walk also necessitates digestive and urinary health. Routine trips outdoors prevent constipation. Therefore, if you or a friend or a professional dog walker takes your dog out, it’s very easy to monitor how much exercise your dog gets from those outings. When you get home you just sync the tracker with the relevant corresponding app and you will see how much more exercise your dog needs that evening. This helps to reduce too much boredom and dormancy with your dog or over-exercising your dog. The tracker is also beneficial when you’re away for some time and leaving your dog with a sitter for several days. It will be easy to know if they were able to stick to your dog’s routine, how much exercise they got together and how well-rested your pup was.

Get fit together


Getting in shape and healthy exercise as much fun with a four-legged friend. The distance and the activities that will be done by your dog will be the same for both of you. If your dog wears an activity tracker then it’s like you’re wearing one too. That means you will also be exercising as your dog is. The recommendations that will be provided by the activity tracker, whether to increase, decrease, or maintain a certain level, will apply to both of you. As your dog gets stimulated by the activity then you too get the same experience. It’s not enough for your dog to be physically and mentally fit, you as the owner should also be. This helps in ensuring that none of you is nagging to the other. For example, in case you’re stressed and mentally disturbed and your dog is active and happy then there will be no corresponding energy from you. Walking out with your dog will be essential to both of you by; improving muscular strength, improving circulation, memory, sleep, energy, and reducing stress. Setting a fitness goal that includes your dog can have a far-reaching and social benefit. Therefore a dog activity tracker will not only benefit your dog but you too as the owner.

To see if your dog is getting quality time to rest


Good sleep and rest are important to your dog as it is to all humans. Enough sleep not only does it have an impact on the health but also the behavior of your dog. If your dog is sleep-deprived, a build-up of stress hormones can lead to negative side effects such as aggression or other misbehavior. In a good sleep, a dog releases the hormone melatonin, which helps to protect the cells while strengthening the immune of your dog. For example, Kippy vita dog tracker will recommend the number of hours your dog should sleep and rest. This is more essential in balancing between activities and sleep.

Wrapping up


In conclusion, dog activity trackers have been designed in a way that they are beneficial to your pet and help in monitoring all their activities. They are light and have no negative effect on your dog as they don’t interfere with internal structures. They are well advanced as they can relay information via Bluetooth to your phone or computer for storage. This helps in keeping the historical progress of your dog.


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