6 Reasons to Ditch Cartridge Razors for a Safety Razor

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How long have you been shaving with disposable razors you get from the grocery store? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been using cheap razors your whole life. Or, you may have started out using cheap razors and then gravitated toward a slightly fancier disposable cartridge razor.

Either way, if you’re not using them, you’re not getting a proper shave, and you’re wasting money. Cheap disposable and cartridge razors were created to make a profit – not to give you a good shave.

Think you’ve found a disposable razor that gives you a close shave? Think again. Here are six reasons the best shave of your life will come from a safety razor.

1. It will save you tons of money

How much money do you spend each month on razors? $20? $30? Imagine spending $30 on blades that will last for at least 2,000 shaves. When you switch to a safety razor, you’ll spend an average of ten cents per blade, and each blade will last for around 8 shaves. If you shave daily, you’ll only need 45 blades per year – that amounts to just $4.50 per year.

If you see safety one and replacement blades in the store – even at stores like Walmart – you’re going to pay too much. Getting your supplies online is much cheaper. For example, Shave.net sells a wide variety of safety razors and replacement blades that won’t break the bank.

You can get a basic safety one and enough blades to last a long time for less than $30. They also offer higher-end safety razors if you want to spend a little more money. However, a basic safety razor is all you need.

2. It’s built to last generations

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There are two traditional shaving tools: safety and straight razors. Both have always been built to last generations. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to use their grandparents’ razors.

In the 1960s, corporations started cashing in by producing razors that provided an acceptable shave, but didn’t allow the consumer to replace the blade. The ability to replace blades is what makes traditional razors ideal. The whole disposable scheme was designed to make consumers dependent on the razor companies forever.

While straight razors are a one-time purchase because they only need to be sharpened, safety razors require periodic blade replacements. However, replacement blades have never been expensive and don’t cost anywhere near what a new, disposable razor (or cartridge) costs.

The best part is, you can use the leg of your jeans (denim) to strop your safety one to make your blades last longer.

3. It’s virtually effortless

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When you shave with a disposable or cartridge razor, you need to press the razor hard against your face to make it work. That’s because the blades are wrapped in wire for safety purposes, which limits your ability to get a good shave. No matter how hard you press the razor into your face, one pass won’t cut it.

In the end, even a close shave leaves a little stubble. On the other hand, shaving with a safety razor is easy, once you get the angle down. It’s made from high-quality metals like stainless steel and chrome.

The weight of the razor itself is all you need to get a good shave – no pressure required. To get a close shave, you’ll need to make a few passes, but those passes will be effortless, gentle, and the result is smooth skin, not stubble.

4. Safety razors get closer than any disposable razor

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Disposable razors and cartridge razors are cheaply made and aren’t as sharp as a safety razor blade. Part of the dullness can be attributed to the blade being wrapped in wire, but even unwrapped blades are dull right out of the box.

The harder you need to press a razor against your face – and the more pressurized passes you need to make– the more you’ll damage your skin. In the end, only a safety razor will produce a truly close shave.

5. Safety razors have replaceable parts and can be restored

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Americans throw out more than 2 billion razors every year. Talk about wasteful! There’s no way to restore or replace parts on a disposable razor. They’re all destined for the trash.

While most people know safety razors are reusable, the blade isn’t the only part of a safety razor that you can replace. You can also replace the head and the handle, provided the threading is compatible. You can also have a safety razor professionally restored.

Compared to disposable razors and cartridge razors that have to be thrown out, being able to replace and restore your razor will save you money and help preserve the environment.

6. Using a safety one will make you feel wonderful

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Shaving used to be a ritual and rite of passage into adulthood. Today, it’s become a chore. Some people shave in a rush before leaving for work, while others use electric razors and shave in the car as they sit in rush hour traffic.

When you start using a safety razor, your entire morning routine will make you feel wonderful. Your shaving routine will become an enjoyable ritual rather than an inconvenience. For instance, you’ll learn how to make your own lather from shaving soap, which is an amazing experience all on its own.

When you’re done shaving with a safety razor, your face will feel great. Knowing you’ve just shaved using skills that have been lost to time, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to tackle the day.

You’ll love switching to a safety razor

Disposable razors are wasteful and dull. Once you know about safety razors, there’s no reason to keep using disposable razors. They might be handy to keep in your toiletry bag for an emergency situation. However, once you use a safety razor, you’ll never go back to shaving with disposable razors of any kind.