How To Make The Digital World Safer For Your Children?


Things kids are using for entertainment these days are much different when we compare to periods 20 or 30 years ago. The main factor of that is related to the internet that became standard in every household during the 2000s. While it is a powerful tool that we simply cannot avoid or stop using, the problem is that we can find all kinds of disturbing content there. The main issue is that kids can easily get access to such content if you don’t pay enough attention.

Being exposed to pornography, abuse, and many other disturbing videos and other content that exists on the internet can lead to many negative effects for kids. That is the main reason to consider introducing some rules and finding a good approach where you will prevent your child from accessing problematic content on the internet. There are some great solutions, such as the AirDroid Parental Control. We are going to discuss more this topic in the following article.

Communication is the Key


First of all, you have to be aware of the fact that there is no way to keep your kid away from the internet, at least not for a longer time. It is not a standard part of the education system and the biggest trend when it comes to entertainment. That is especially the case with teens. They will use mobile devices and PC to play games, watch TV shows, entertain videos, but also to learn new things, complete tasks for school, and more.

Using a platform like AirDroid can be a good solution to check what your kid is doing while online. Moreover, how you react after finding out that there are some issues seen in the history that you checked is very important. That is the main reason to start using such software from the moment when you provide your child with a device.

You can block a lot of content, install this app, and then be much more relaxed. On the other hand, even if that doesn’t sound too ethical, you should check the message history of your kid. Bullying is a huge problem these days, and it can lead to serious mental problems of those who are victims of that.

Keep in mind that it can be very difficult for the child to speak about this problem. Therefore, you will need to determine a good approach where you can explain to it what to do in such situation. Also, consulting with experts in this area is always recommended.

Don’t Be Too Strict

If you start using the AirDroid cast recently, you will be able to check a lot of details about your child’s activities online. One of those things is the time spent online. If you notice that your kid is spending most of the time during the day playing games and watching various content, you might get angry and decide to forbid the kid to use all of its devices.

However, that is never a good option. You have to understand that these things are now a standard part f our lives, and getting them away from your kid for good will leave it unable to communicate with its friends or to follow the lectures in school.

You will have to find a better solution than that. For example, you can limit how much time you can spend while playing video games or visiting various platforms. One of the best ways is to create a system that includes rewards. For example, you can set a rule that the kid must improve their grades so that they can be allowed to spend more time playing video games. On the other side, there are some things that you simply cannot restrict, such as social networks, since that is the most common model of communication today.

Never Ignore Some Things


The behavior of you kid can mean a lot, and some of that can be linked to how it is using the internet. For example, if your kid is too shy and not interested in speaking a lot in recent times, it could be a sign that the kid is going through a tough period. One of the first things to do is to check its activity on the internet to see if someone might be bullying it. The internet can be a very dangerous place if parents don’t put some control and restrictions.

Kids will be arguing and making fun of each other on social media, and that it something that we cannot avoid. However, the level of that is important to know. There are some situation where you should not react since you could only make things worse. For instance, your kid came to you to tell you that others are making fun of him for some reason.

You should explain to it how to react properly and try to resolve that on its own. However, if the situation get more serious and your kid is now facing bullying on the internet, it will be necessary for you to react. You can set a meeting in school or consult with the expert to find the best solution to solve this problem and avoid any consequences for you child.


Introduce the features of AirDroid Parental Control

1. AirDroid Kids (the kid end) can be hidden
2. Remote Monitor (unique advantages, please highlight this part.)
Remote camera & one-way audio: by opening the camera and audio of the child’s phone, you can easily see the surroundings and hear the sounds to ensure the child’s safety.
screen mirroring: by opening screen mirroring, you can see a child’s phone screen in real-time
3. Sync notifications: the parent end can receive all the notifications of applications from the child’s phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
4. Track real-time location: with this, you can know a child’s location anytime, and even history route records, you can also set geo-fence and get alerts once the child leaves the geo-fence
5. Apps & Screen Time Manage: you can set apps & screen time restrictions, managing how much time a child can spend on the phone and on each app every day
6. Alerts: you can sync alerts when a child’s phone is on low battery or offline for a long time; the child leaves the geo-fence, download new apps; etc.
7. Daily / Weekly Usage Report: you can get the daily/weekly report of a child’s usage, checking which app


A lot of things that you can do depends on the age of your child. You can introduce a lot of limits when your kid is only 4 or 5. However, things will get more difficult later, especially when it reaches puberty. During this period, simply restricting a device is never a good option. People are using the internet to communicate and entertain, but also to educate.

Therefore, you will have to work on communication and honesty, where the point is to assure the kid that you are the one that it will come to speak with in case of any problem. Still, using an additional option in the background, such as the AirDroid, can be a great way to check the activity from time to time