Different Types of Handyman Services

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When it comes to handyman services, there are so many to choose from. For this reason, you can’t pick just anyone – every professional handyman specializes in a particular field. Of course, some handymen advertise “general handyman services” but usually the ones that are a jack of all trades are masters of none.

So, what you can do is to go to the particular job you need at home. This will not only save you money and time, but it will also ensure quality and long-lasting results. Here is a list of the different services that cover some of the common tasks that can be performed.

Typical Services

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Usually, most handymen offer a list of regular jobs that they can do at your house. As the term “handyman”, the services that are offered are often varied in their essence and range from the simplest ones to difficult-to-perform.

Drywall Installation

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Firstly, this is probably the most common task that’s offered by professional handyman help. If you’re remodeling your home or you’ve had water damage, you can call a professional to install new drywall or perform a remediation job for you. Besides repairing structural wear and moisture damage, drywall jobs also include handling cracks and sealing holes.

Moreover, most handymen have the required equipment to measure, cut and install drywall boards with skill and precision so it won’t be hard to find the best professional for your needs.

Fixture Replacement

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Usually, we don’t take care of the fixtures at our houses. But over time, they all wear out and after some time, they start breaking. This often requires hasty solutions and even though most fixtures like kitchen faucets, for example, can be easily replaced by any DIY enthusiast, sometimes the best idea is to leave the job to a professional. This will not only ensure that the job is done right, but you’ll also possibly get a warranty.

Of course, not all fixture replacement jobs require a license, but there are particular fixtures such as a faucet or lighting system that require a specialized license. For this reason, you should ask your handyman if they have the required license to perform the task.

Smart Home Upgrade

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As it is very popular now, installing smart home upgrades to your home appliances is a common service that most professional companies can offer. Basically, this includes the installation of any smart home devices you wish – thermostats, doorbells, sensors, faucet lights and etc. However, before hiring a handyman, make sure that they are qualified and have the certification to install your particular items and brand for the simple reason that there are various types of smart home products and some may require a deeper knowledge of electrical systems or other detailed information.

Paint Job

In general, painting interior or exterior walls are among the most popular jobs that handyman professionals are hired to do. This is not only because of the amount of work but also because of the basic skills that are required to complete the task neatly. Usually, repainting is done when maintenance is necessary – decks, doors or any other details that wear out outside. However, many homeowners or property managers use painting services with the idea of increasing the curb appeal of their property.

Luckily, if you plan on repainting your home, you won’t have to do it by yourself because general handymen usually have the needed tools for the job – paint rollers, drop cloths, tape, furniture covers, ladders and etc. What’s more, there are handyman companies that specialize in painting in particular. And this is all because of the popularity of the service.

Power Washing

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As a part of the maintenance job, power washing is often necessary when finishing repairs or cleaning surfaces from dirt and other debris. These can include sidewalks, exterior walls, driveways, garage floors, roofs, and others. Power washing will not only keep your home exterior looking pristine, but it will also prevent severe discoloration due to the accumulation of dirt.

However, you should bear in mind that not every company has the right equipment like Rip City Roof Cleaning have to perform this task. As power washing requires a high-grade water compressor, the job might be a bit expensive and this is the reason why not every professional handyman will offer this kind of service.

Tile Installation

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Among the most common jobs, the installation and repair of tiles in different areas of a home are performed by all general handyman services. Whether it’s ceramic, stone, porcelain or glass tiles, most professionals have the required tools to do the job. Although the installation work sounds simple, installing tiles might require more than just laying down the adhesive, smoothing it out and putting a tile over it. This involves careful measurement of the floor space in order to match the edges of the installation site.

What’s more, the tiles have to be laid precisely so as to prevent crooked layouts and wasted space. Proper sealing will help prevent soaking up moisture. For this reason, hiring an experienced company that specializes in flooring jobs will ensure that the job is done skillfully and neatly.

Window Repair

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Sometimes, windows and window frames need to be repaired, replaced or kept in good condition too. A lot of companies offer window repair, replacement, and maintenance assistance for a nominal fee. However, if the windows are non-standard size, you might need to contact a specialist in the field.

Small Appliance Repair

Last but not least, small home appliances are often thought of as something easy to maintain and fix. However, some of these items can’t be repaired so easily and a professional with the necessary knowledge is needed. In such a case, a handyman can fix the issue with a particular appliance.


All in all, hiring a company that will cover such a wide range of jobs that need to be done in your home is tricky. For this reason, you should carefully choose which professional service to hire so that it satisfies your needs. Verifying with an individual handyman service in order to make sure they’re prepared and qualified to do your job is a must and the list above will give you the common knowledge before choosing a professional to perform your home maintenance or fix your problem.  If you need further help in finding the right company that specializes in a particular task, you shouldn’t waste time trying to sort through hundreds of online handyman services. SGHomeNeeds is a platform offering handymen companies in Singapore that is a good example of what you should seek online when trying to find a platform like this. On a website like that, you can carefully check reviews and probably reed feedback comments before choosing the best handyman service for your needs.