Top 8 Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Living Room – 2020 Guide

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It is normal that you want a beautiful living room. But now that you have children or will soon be giving birth to your new baby, it is important to do some revamping in your living room in order to make it more kid-friendly. Yes, before you had kids, your home could look like an untouched masterpiece from a Hollywood showroom almost; but with kids as part of the family now, the living room must take them into consideration as well and still look great for your adult preferences. It can be fun to design a kid-friendly living room that will still be designed with beauty and elegance, which is why we share some practical tips here so that you can have your very own kid-friendly living room.

1. Furniture

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When you have a living room, maybe you have a preference for your type of furniture. But now you have children. Therefore, sometimes you have to let adult preferences go in order to make your living room more kid-friendly. As a result, firm furniture that still has some softness is great for children. They like things that are cozy. Things that are too firm may not be comfortable for your children. You should also consider some furniture that has color, even though you may like some black or beige pieces. Color makes the room more welcoming to children. You should also choose fabrics that are stain-resistant to your furniture. Kids can have accidents like spilling juice or spitting up accidentally. But when you have fabric that is stain-resistant on your furniture, then your furniture will be able to withstand these types of situations. To find this kind of furniture you can look here, online shopping is always a more comfortable and wide choice of the assortment that can serve you well.

2. Tables and Benches with Storage

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When you have kids, they have a lot of stuff. You likely do not want your living room to look like a chaotic toy bomb with toys everywhere all the time, as you want some sort of organization and tidiness for your family and especially when company comes over. That is why tables and benches that provide storage are a wonderful option. They make a great place to put the toys and they make cleaning up rather easy, as you do not need to transport the stuff to another room. Just put the stuff in the storage bench and storage tables for a fast clean up.

3. Area Rugs

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Area rugs are a nice way to solidify a room. They add interest, warmth and beauty. Pick one that you like and that also has colors in it that children like. This will add to the kid-friendly aspect of the room. Also, area rugs are warmer to play on for small children than directly on wood, laminate or ceramic floor. An area rug is much softer for children to play on. An area rug is ideal when your baby is just beginning to crawl. You will have the comfort of knowing that your child will have soft cushioning for his or her hands and knees during the crawling phase.

4. Durable Fabrics

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It is important for your space to be inviting, livable and truly comfortable. The type of fabric that is used can impact your kid-friendly environment in a big way. You want a fabric that is forgiving in that it can handle dirt and stains and can be easily cleaned. Kids will get peanut butter and other sticky stuff on your furniture. But crypton is a wonderful choice of fabric that does not stain or hold odors. Another great option for material that is highly durable is leather. Leather can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth if something spills on it. However, do be mindful that leather may not be the best choice if you have cats and dogs that will be in your living space. This is due to the fact that the nails of cats and dogs can scratch the leather, which then can make the leather peel.

5. Slipcovers

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If you have a sofa or other pieces of furniture that are made with material that is expensive and beautiful but not kid-friendly, then the ultimate solution for you to still be able to enjoy your furniture is to use slipcovers. Slipcovers also allow you to change the mood and decor of your living room. You can make the living room kid-friendly by using slipcovers that are soft and that are vibrant in color. This will help to set a cheerful mood for your space. Then once the kids are gone to bed, if you just have to enjoy your beautiful furniture without those slipcovers, you can take the slipcovers off. Or if you want to show off your beautiful furniture when you have company over in the evening, just remove your slipcovers. Slipcovers are highly convenient, as they are washable usually.
If you want to know more about how to choose the slipcover you can read this article.

6. Designated Toy Area

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Though you want your living-room to be kid-friendly, this does not mean that your kids should be allowed to put toys everywhere and anywhere. Having designated areas for their toys in the living room is a great idea, as this encourages the space to be tidy. That means that you can put a table and chairs that are kid-size, a toy box in a corner and an area rug that is designated as the play area. When kids have a defined area in the living room that is their play space, they will realize the boundaries.

7. Blankets and Pillows

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A room is kid-friendly when there are blankets. Everyone likes to cuddle or have a rest with a nice soft blanket. You can have a basket filled with blankets that will add to the coziness of the space. Add some pillows in a basket as well, Pillows will provide added coziness and will help your kids to have better rest.

8. Pictures

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Your walls cannot be just plain. You need some pictures to make the space kid-friendly. There can be various ways to do this. You can frame pictures that your children draw and display them on the walls. You can place family photos on the walls. Also, you can place photos of the favorite things that your children like, such as their favorite animals or hobbies.

Why It Is Important to Design a Kid-Friendly Living Room

It is important to design a kid-friendly living room so that your kids can sense that they really have a home where they are part of it. They can sense the love of the family when the living room is integrated for their enjoyment as well. This will allow families to have fun happy times together. Indeed, a kid-friendly living room will allow for greater family bonding. After all, the family is the heart of the home.


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