How to Determine Credibility of Online Casinos – 2023 Guide


There are thousands, if not millions, of casinos online. It is, therefore, difficult to determine their credibility at face value. While having a variety to choose from is good for you, it is important to remember that all these online casinos are created differently.

None package its services as the other, each one of them offers a different package to its clients. It is therefore left at your discretion to choose the one that gives you the best experience. The one that you choose can dictate your gaming experience. You can have a fun and safe experience or have a bad experience. This is why you need to dig deeper and get to identify the most credible casinos, some of them are

If you are wondering where to start your search or how to go about it, is a site that can be of great help to you. But to sum it up for you, here are a few tips on what you need to check before deciding on the casino to play.

Casino Ranking


Some sites rank the casinos, depending on their performance and credibility. If you access such sites, you’ll be able to tell the performance of each one. Those that are ranked at the top are the best ones to sign up with and avoid those that are ranked at the bottom. On the same ranking site, you’ll also find detailed reviews for each online casino. These reviews are very useful in determining credibility.

Approval Seal

Online casinos that meet the required standards receive an approval seal. This seal is a license to show their credibility. The seal will always appear as the first thing when you open their home page. Casinos with such seals have reasonable terms and conditions, offer reliable payouts and fair odds. So, if you come across one, then it’s worth signing up and try your luck.



The same way good casinos are ranked, bad ones are also blacklisted. There are several reasons why they get blacklisted. They include but are not limited to; offering unfair terms, being unethical with their games, and if reported to have problems with their payouts.

Progressive Jackpot Payout

How an online casino pays its progressive jackpots speaks volumes about its credibility and integrity. Different ones have different modes of payments. Some pay lump sum amounts and those that prorate the amounts into equal installments over a given time. A lump-sum payment can be a game-changer in the player’s life. So, it’s advisable to look for casinos that pay lump sum other than the prorated amount. Those that pay on a prorated basis pose a risk in that in case the company goes under, the amount may end up not being settled, and the player suffers a total loss. So if you are looking for a credible casino, look for one that guarantees lump-sum payment upon hitting the Jackpot.

Independent Dispute Resolution


For fairness, any dispute should be handled by an independent party. This makes the process free and fair, and the aggrieved party may not contest the outcome. But if the dispute is dealt with by the parties involved, there are high chances of being biased. This may end up favoring one party. For online casinos, conflicts are solved by eCogra. Once the complaint has been lodged, they conduct some investigation, and if it is found guilty of a material breach, immediate rectification is required, failure to which Certified Seal of Approval is withdrawn

Site Security

The rapidly growing technology has also fueled the rate of online crime. The gaming industry has not been spared either by the rising crime. Cybercrime has remained the greatest threat to online casinos and other online businesses. To ensure that you are safe when gambling, only sign up with a casino that guarantees customers of their data security. To guarantee data security, it should ensure that client’s data is encrypted to limit access by unauthorized persons.



Any credible casino should allow players to track their gameplay and bank transaction through their check system. If you find one that doesn’t allow access by players to its systems, then you should automatically raise eyebrows about its credibility. A transparent casino has nothing to hide. They allow their players to track their gameplay plus their bank transaction and audit anything that looks suspicious.

Operator Reputation

The reputation of the company speaks a lot about its service delivery to its clients. If a casino has a good reputation, then automatically, you should know it is worth investing. On the other hand, if it has a bad reputation, this should raise a red flag, and you should be very careful when dealing with such casinos. You can check the reputation of each one from the customer’s reviews. In most cases, customers will give truthful information about their personal experiences. You can either get a positive or a negative review. These reviews are the ones that help a customer to determine the credibility of a casino.



A credible casino should uphold high levels of integrity. To determine this, check whether it is licensed by the ministry of law. Also, check whether it follows the rules and regulations governing online casinos. On compliance, check if its books are audited by an independent body and if they publish their books of accounts. Finally, check if they are registered by eCogra (eCommerce & Online Gaming Regulation Assurance), a body that vets casinos before awarding a Certificate Seal of Approval.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, the best factor to determine the casino to game with is its credibility. With a million sites online, it may be a daunting task to come up with a legitimate casino, given that there is a lot of misleading information online. But you can make use of third-party sites to determine the credibility of any site that you choose. Before placing a bet, remember to check which site is on the blacklist and which one is ranked among the best sites.