How to Convert Euro 5 to Euro 6? All You Need to Know About European Emission Standards

If you are a car owner in the European Union, you might not be eligible to enter all areas as easily as you might have thought. There are many Ultra Low Emission Zones sprinkled around the United Kingdom and the European Union, with cities like London and Berlin refusing access to certain parts for older vehicles that do not comply with Euro 6 emission standards.

What exactly are European Emission Standards and how to make your car Euro 6 compliant?

What are European Emission Standards?

European Emission Standards, commonly known simply under the name of Euro, are a set of regulations for exhaust emissions of new vehicles produced and sold around the European Union and the UK. Since 2014, the latest set of regulations for toxic emissions is Euro 6, which introduced very strict limits on Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions.

Vehicles produced before 2014 often only comply with Euro 5 regulations, which isn’t enough to enter certain areas like the London Ultra Low Emission Zones or Birmingham Clear Air Zone without paying a hefty fee (up to £100 per day!). However, even if your vehicle doesn’t yet comply with Euro 6, there are some things you might be able to do to change that.

Is it worth it to convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

While many car owners simply decide to sell their old Euro 5 vehicle and buy a new Euro 6 compliant model, not everyone can afford such a change at a minute’s notice. What’s more, 2023 is said to bring a new set of regulations, called Euro 7, which will render Euro 6 vehicles obsolete again. These regulations are said to come into force in 2025, leaving little time for new Euro 6 car owners to enjoy tax exemptions.

However, there are many financial benefits of converting your existing Euro 5 vehicle to Euro 6. It will still take some time for Euro 7 to replace Euro 6, allowing you to enjoy lower taxes and no additional fees for a little longer. On top of that, converting from Euro 5 to Euro 6 might be easier than you might think – how exactly is it performed?

How expensive is it to convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6?

For most petrol-based vehicles, there are little chances of retrofitting. The emission laws aren’t as strict for petrol cars as they are for diesel ones, still allowing Euro 5 cars in many low emission zones, and retrofitting such a vehicle will not only be extremely expensive, but in many cases fully impossible.

When it comes to diesel vehicles, these are usually easier to retrofit. Take into account that this process might still be expensive and time-consuming, and all the extra equipment will take considerable space under your hood and around your exhaust, adding a lot of extra weight.

Thankfully, there is another option – convert Euro 5 to Euro 6 using a specialized conversion kit. These conversion kits offer an affordable and effective solution for cars that need to be compliant with Euro 6 regulations, but the owners don’t necessarily want to struggle with the whole range of issues that come from having a modern SCR system. Definitely check them out!