What Are the Best Chew Toys for Rabbits

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Rabbits are fun pets to have. They are social creatures, so they’ll enjoy interacting with your family, but they can also play by themselves. In fact, rabbits can get bored and into trouble when you don’t provide entertainment and chew toys. Here’s why you should make sure your rabbits have plenty of things to chew on.

Why Do Rabbits Need Chew Toys?

For many mammals, like puppies or kitties, chew toys promote good dental health by cleaning the teeth and gums. Rabbits, like rodents, have teeth that keep growing throughout their life. Chewing keeps the teeth from growing out of control. Rabbits who are bored will chew just about anything, from their cages to your sofa legs. Providing good chew toys protects your belongings, promotes good health in your rabbit and reduces boredom.

The Best Chew Toys for Rabbits

Rabbits will chew on just about anything, so you have to make sure you’re offering the right kind of items that are safe for rabbits. Cardboard, paper and some woods are great for chewing. Apple, maple, willow, hickory and ash are safe for rabbits.

Cardboard Tubes

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Cardboard contains cellulose, which is what leaves and plants are made of. Rabbits love chewing on cardboard but don’t go overboard with it. You don’t want them replacing their meals with cardboard toys. However, the occasional toilet paper or paper towel tubes will be a nice treat for them. When you do give your rabbits cardboard, make sure there’s no printed ink which can be poisonous.

Chew Sticks

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Chew sticks made of appropriate materials, like this one made of bamboo, can be a great way to provide new chewing opportunities. Rotate different ones so your pet never knows what to expect.

Wooden Bridges

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This wooden bridge is a great item for your rabbit’s hutch. They can climb on it, chew it and use it as a hiding place. Your rabbit will have hours of play, learning to balance, developing coordination and having healthy chew toys.

Wood Blocks or Toys

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Untreated wood toys or blocks can be great additions to your rabbit’s life. Here are some flavored balsa wood chew toys for rabbits, but you could also use blocks of applewood that are free of mold, insects and bacteria. Look in the craft section of your hobby store, but check to make sure that the wood is safe for rabbits and isn’t treated with anything.

Know What Isn’t Safe

Don’t let your rabbit chew on metal, plastic or rubber toys. Check around your home for things that they may chew on that might not be safe, such as carpet, unsafe woods and items that have been treated with paint or glue. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your rabbit happily chewing, but you do need to pay attention to what they’re chewing on.