Why You Should Run a Background Check on a Potential Employee

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Background checks can verify a candidate’s employment history, experience, educational credentials, and criminal history.

A fair, consistent, and legal background check can help you make better hiring judgments and can help your company in the long run. Did you know that over half of applicants lie on their resumes, most often regarding employment history, education, skills, and responsibilities?

In certain businesses, a little fabrication isn’t a big concern, but in others, it’s destructive and irresponsible. If you wish to avoid any type of setbacks and only want the best for your company, keep on reading!

So, what is a background check?

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An employment background check is exactly what it sounds like: it verifies that the applicant’s employment, credit, and criminal histories are accurate.

In today’s competitive employment market, it is not unusual for prospective employers to do background checks on job candidates.

According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 92% of employers conduct background checks on new workers. So, what is the average scope of a pre-employment background check? The location, the rules that pertain to your industry, and the state and federal legislation all have a role. Most big companies can have access to these check-ups.

How to do the check?

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A background check can’t be done alone or on your own.

Consult a consumer reporting agency or background screening service that operates legally to build the most effective screening approach. Your business’s regulations may differ. Different countries and states have different hiring practices.

Before doing a pre-employment background check, check your local laws and if there are certain restrictions. Just know that you can’t explore a candidate’s family medical history, genetics, or medical background.

The applicant may need a copy of your background check report and the company’s information. A pre-employment background check takes 48-72 hours on average.

With the increase of remote and hybrid workplaces, it’s easier to hire globally, but background checks may be harder.

It’s typical for candidates to have foreign credentials and work experience. Your company may need authorized translations to evaluate records from various countries (if the records are originally in a different language than English).

Why You Should Run a Background Check on a Potential Employee: Top 5 Reasons

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1. No legal troubles

Workplace safety is emphasized by many companies and is often used as an incentive. If an employee causes harm to another employee and you did not conduct a thorough background check on the individual, you may be held liable and punished with carelessness.

A legal concern is raised by non-compliance. Depending on the field of employment, several certifications and licenses are required of employees. Too often, people act as though they possess valid, up-to-date credentials when, in fact, they do not.

In the best case, you may fire this employee and start the hiring process over; in the worst case, you could face legal consequences in the form of fines and other penalties.

2.You can see if someone is appropriate

Every company wants to know they picked the right person to add to their team. By looking into applicants’ pasts, businesses can determine if they are a good fit for the company. For instance, prospective employers may look into a candidate’s work history and references to determine whether or not they are qualified for the position.

In a number of fields, DBS checks are required by law. DBS checks (or criminal background checks) provide companies with valuable information that helps them make safe hiring decisions.

The details on a DBS Certificate let prospective employers determine whether or not a candidate is suitable for a position that requires them to work with vulnerable populations.

3. You can protect your investors and customers

Background checks on prospective employees can protect investors and customers. The financial risk created by employees whose backgrounds have been investigated is reduced. No one wants severe fines or penalties.

In fact, did you know that the cost of fraud and theft in the business world was estimated at $2.37 trillion in 2017?!

Background checks are inexpensive compared to the potential financial loss that could result from allowing dishonest or financially irresponsible people access to your company.

4. Watch out for your workforce

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Background checks protect your organization and employees. As a business owner or manager, you’re accountable for your employees’ well-being. This includes your employees and contractors.

In today’s politically unpredictable world, background checks are crucial to preventing fraud and crime. Your employees won’t have to worry about bullying, discrimination, violence, or sexual harassment thanks to background checks.

Zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior boosts morale, which boosts employee and work satisfaction.

5. No liability risks

Stranger hires are risky, which is why knowing their past can prevent issues. You can reduce risk by completing background checks on job seekers and eliminating those with a criminal history. For instance, before being hired, truck drivers must have clean driving histories. Hiring the best applicant might save money by lowering staff turnover.

The accuracy of a job applicant’s CV and the applicability of their former skills determine if they are qualified.

If so, they’ll work hard and stick around. The longer they stay, the less it costs to replace them. Verify a candidate’s background before hiring them for everyone’s personal best!

How to do a check-up?

How does all of this sound to you, and are you ready to make a difference for your business or your company? Did you know that in Montana, federal and state legislation passed in the previous 20 years determine what public and private employers can view in a background check? It might be challenging to navigate state and federal background check rules, but it’s crucial to have as much knowledge as you can when making vital hiring decisions. This is why Montana background checks can get you the answers you need! Check them out and you’ll see what they have to offer.