Do Card Games Provide Better Odds Than Slot Machines?


When it comes to online gambling platforms, virtual games are the most popular option these days. The reason why most people prefer playing pokies is that you can simply relax and press the start button without having to deal with some special rules or strategies. Also, we have to mention that these games are very attractive, and there are many features where you can win a great prize as well.

Moreover, the selection of the website can make a difference, which is the main reason why you should explore the market and look for those options that will provide you with the right benefits. In that matter, research the online casinos for real money.

Furthermore, it is important to learn more about your odds when you are playing various games. While pokies might seem completely random, there are some pre-determined features that might affect your experience, like the volatility or return rate. The system of calculating the odds is much different when compared to table games, and we are going to introduce you to some of the most important things related to odds in different types of gambling.

It Depends on the Type of the Game

The simple example of a table game where you indeed have much better chances to win is Blackjack since the chance to win in each hand is 50%. The same is with Roulette if you are placing chips on colors or evens and odds.

However, things are much different when you decide to play directly on numbers, where you have 1:37 chance for each number you choose. A lot of players are increasing the chance by chipping more numbers, but the chances still will remain closer to pokies.

Skills Can Make a Difference


Another huge difference between pokies and some table games is that you can use your skills and experience in your favor. The only thing that you can do in pokies is to determine the coin size. On the other hand, your experience will be much different when you are playing poker.

It is hard to determine the odds in this game because human interaction is what makes it so unique. For example, you might be getting weak hands several rounds in a row, but you managed to win in each one of them by bluffing.

The Bottom Line

There are some options where you can have much better chances to win when compared to pokies, and they are especially good for players interested in investing more money. However, keep in mind that it is still risky even with a 50% chance since there is always a risk of facing a losing strike.

On the other hand, it is hard to determine the odds in poker since this game is unpredictable and your skills and experience, along with the proficiency of your opponents are crucial factors that will affect your performances. It is the only game where luck is not the most important factor.