Why You Should Be Using Bitcoin to Pay for Your Hosting?

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Paying with cryptocurrencies is fastly becoming a very affordable alternative for most users as more and more retailers and service providers are beginning to accept it as a form of payment. Hosting providers are no exception to this as a large majority of them have started to offer their servers for crypto, most notably Bitcoin & Litecoin. However, there are many additional, underlying benefits that such payments have in comparison to paying in traditional ways such as banking transfers and PayPal. Given that Bitcoin is the most popular and widely accepted cryptocurrency globally, here is why you need to consider using it to pay for your hosting.

Increased privacy and security

Paying with Bitcoin involves transferring a given sum of money from one address to another. This guarantees that your privacy, identity and anonymity will be protected and kept safe throughout the transaction. Afterwards, the information about the given payment is stored safely into the blockchain, adding another layer of security. All of this makes your privacy substantially more protected in comparison to performing a normal transaction using one of the traditional payment methods

Much cheaper international payments

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Let’s say you want to purchase a server in another country that is different from the one that you are currently residing in. Paying for such a server using a normal bank transfer could see you facing incredibly high international transaction fees. This is because of multiple reasons, one of which is the different currency conversions that need to be performed each time, which is needed to evaluate and average out the sum in the required currency by the hosting provider. This is especially true for international transactions from The Americas, Europe & Australia, not to mention the different currencies that can be found in Asia.

Bitcoin on the other hand, has a universal value and given that the currency is decentralized, it cannot be governed by one singular authority, meaning that international payments are a lot cheaper to conduct. As we mentioned previously, paying with Bitcoin means transferring money from one address to another – the location does not matter, hence why it is a lot more practical as well, making hosting services like Bitcoin VPS the perfect hosting option.

It is simply easy and accessible

Finally, it is incredibly easy to pay with cryptocurrency as you only need 2 things – a device with an Internet connection and a Bitcoin wallet. With the constant evolution of mobile phones and smartphones, almost all devices can now support mobile data connection. As for the wallet, setting up takes no longer than 2 minutes.

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Moreover, paying with Bitcoin provides an alternative payment channel for those countries that do not support traditional payment methods such as bank transfers or PayPal. You would be surprised to find out how many countries do not provide their citizens with these options. For those citizens, Bitcoin is a great alternative as they can still pay for goods and services online without having to worry. Hosting is no exception. You can always pay for your virtual private server using Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.