How To Recover From a Big Gambling Loss


People around the world see gambling as an opportunity to have fun and make money at the same time. Although it has had many users before, online gambling has experienced a real expansion in the past year and a half, that is, since the coronavirus pandemic started in the world. Online casinos have many advantages over land casinos, in addition to the obvious ones such as 24/7 availability, the ability to access from anywhere, and the selection of games is just as good as in land casinos, and sometimes even better.

Best of all are various types of bonuses, such as a welcome bonus, but also better payouts. If you are wondering why this is so, we will only say that online casinos are spared costs such as paying rent for space, workers, and everything else that land ones must-have. This leaves enough room for them to increase payouts and thus attract as many players as possible. Of course, before you get into the game, the key thing is to choose a valid casino, the one that is licensed. Read more about it at

What is important to point out is that gambling should never be your primary way of earning money and lifestyle, but a hobby with which you will relax and try to make money. Unfortunately, many do not feel when they cross that line and fall into an abyss called addiction. Gambling addiction is equally difficult for the player and his family, so it is recommended that you never get in more than you can afford to lose without leaving negative consequences on your daily life.

Although many players know this in theory


It is often very difficult for them to resist the game because they are sure that they will win this time, which, in most cases, turns out to be wrong. So, you invested everything you had (maybe even more) and all you have now is an empty bank account and a bunch of debts. How to deal with this problem?

Gambling usually stems from fun or boredom. In the beginning, free games are played or small sums are entered. Then comes the “beginner’s luck” which encourages the player to continue playing, with bigger stakes. A series of gains is abruptly interrupted and a series of losses begin. The player is sure that it is transient, and he still plays hard, borrows and everyone enters. Of course, he loses again and problems arise. And? What’s next? How to recover from a big loss?

The first and most important thing


Is to be honest with yourself and seek professional help. In these situations, family help is crucial. In order for a gambler to repay debts, he must first help himself. In any case, if you find yourself in big debt, make a list of the people you owe money to because that is crucial if you are determined to repay them. After that, a plan is made on how to get the money.

Suppose the loss was large and your salary could not cover it


One solution is to find a part-time job. These are the moments when you don’t have time to be picky, just make ends meet, work from home, turn a hobby into a business, do a part-time job that you can fit into with your current job.

Selling property is another possible solution. As important as it is to have your car and house with beautiful furniture, you will not sleep peacefully until it returns. This is certainly a step that is hard to decide on, but it is definitely an option, as it is time to take responsibility for your actions.

Psychologists believe that family and friends make a big mistake by paying off debts because there is little chance that the player will learn something like that, and that he will not do the same thing again. A much better way is to be morally supportive, and partially financial help is fine.

There is another sin


The family gives money to the gambler to return the friends! Yes, very nice of them, but the chances that he will do it are very small. Given that gambling is one of the most common types of vices, it is very likely that the money intended for debt repayment will be directed to gambling. The golden rule is that the gambler is never given a bag in his hand.

If the debts are so big that the extra work doesn’t help, what’s left is to take out a loan, at the bank, of course. The interest may be high, but at least you will pay off the debts. It’s time to show responsibility. If you have a friend and family member who can give you a loan, even better, but, realistically, there is little chance that they will agree given your gambling history.

Final thoughts

There is no big difference from drug addiction, only that you and your whole family are in trouble with gambling addiction. You are the cause, but when the moneylenders come, when he borrows too much when it moves away, the family will also have problems with them. That is why it is necessary to take the problem seriously and react in time, while there is still hope and opportunities to save the lives of both gamblers and families.

Everything you create, do, inherit can go in one day for roulette. And what you don’t have! Many gamblers simply do not see a solution to the problem they have, and they see the only salvation in suicide. This is definitely not the solution!

No matter how hard it is, take responsibility for your actions, do your best, you will succeed. Raising your hand will not solve anything, you will lose your life, and your family will have to pay back all your debts. You don’t deserve it, they don’t deserve it.