Big Fashion Trends of 2020

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Every year brings us new trends. Some we like, some we choose to avoid at all costs. If you’re someone who likes to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not, then I might be able to help you. A lot has happened during the last 6 months of this year and it’s time to update our wardrobe once more. New year, new us.

Cute cycling shorts

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These have replaced our more feminine skirts and dresses. Now, it’s time to be comfortable and boyish. Shorter, knee-length, wider, tighter, it’s all in. Sporty, wide shorts are especially popular and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s all about comfort and looking trendy at the same time. You can even make them less sporty and more elegant with a nice belt bag. On the other hand, cycling shorts have come to replace our leggings. This simple yet incredibly comfy piece of clothing can be paired up with anything and you can wear it to the gym or to the night club. Bike shorts with a blazer is a winning combination and don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at some of the runways and you won’t miss it.

Floral prints

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I feel like this was always in. Floral dresses are a symbol of summer and summer of 2020 is not different. You can easily find numerous, adorable, floral dresses on They come in all colors and lengths and it’s hard to make a mistake when choosing one. Combine a short purple, floral dress with simple flats and you’re ready for the beach.

Trendy flats

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Again, it’s about comfort. Now, you don’t need to worry about hurting your feet or your back, as you can look elegant and hot in some fancy flats. Many models on runways have shown us how fabulous flats can look if they’re combined well with the rest of the outfit. I, for one, am a huge fan of colorful flats and I typically avoid wearing high heels as much as I can.

Sparkly sequins

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On jumpsuits, on dresses, on crop tops, on shoes, on bags. Everything is sparkly and you just can’t miss them. Sequins have been popular among little girls, but now everyone is loving them. You can walk around all colorful and sparkly, if you’re ready for a bold and intriguing look. You can find something gentler and less noticeable, but then what’s the point? Sequins aren’t reserved just for a night out – you can rock them every day even when going to the beach.

Animal print

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Well, this isn’t so new. Snakeskin, leopard print, it was all popular a few decades ago and it’s still popular today. It is bold and wild and not for everyone. Animal print has been a favorite among fashionistas for years and they appear on all sorts of things – dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, underwear, etc. You can combine a pair of simple black pants with a leopard print, neon blazer, or you can go a step further and combine animal print pants with an animal print jacket and own it.


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