Best Vehicles for Carpooling to Work

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Driving to work can be lonely and expensive, and as such it’s understandable that many workers are seeking alternative options to make their commute more enjoyable and cost-effective. One of the most popular is carpooling, where a group of staff going to the same workplace share the driving, with one member of the group driving on one day, and then different staff taking the wheel on other days.

Carpooling can have tons of benefits, and more people are carpooling now than ever before. Not only has technology made carpooling easier, but there are other incentives like being able to take HOV lanes, the savings you can make, and the convenience a vehicle offers over public transit. And while finding a vehicle for carpooling may seem simple at first, there are plenty of things that have to be considered when picking one. Here are some of the best vehicles for carpooling on the market.

Hyundai Santa Fe

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Drivers looking for a versatile car that drives well and is capable of carrying everything, and everyone, they need to transport, will enjoy checking out the Hyundai Santa Fe. Comfortable, stylish and practical, this sporty vehicle really does do it all, making it great for both carpooling and enjoying on the weekends.

Volkswagen Atlas

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The Volkswagen Atlas is one of the best vehicles if you’re going to be doing a lot of commuting and need space to accommodate more than 5 passengers. You can find a review for it here. It is one of the most spacious 2 row SUVs on the market. Another nice touch is the middle row that can be adjusted to give more space to people on the back or for extra cargo. The car also handles pretty well and is a cross between everyday comfort and precision handling, which makes it great for traffic.

Toyota Prius

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Some might be surprised to see the compact on this list, but don’t let the looks fool you; the Prius has plenty of space to go around. But what makes it such a great option is its fuel consumption. The Prius’ 50 miles per gallon fuel consumption is hard to beat, and the car is spacious enough to replace a family sedan depending on your family’s size. The hatchback also gives it extra cargo options, meaning that you’ll have space for everything you and your colleagues need.

Honda Odyssey

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If you’re looking for a nice minivan with enough space for a large group and lots of entertainment options to keep everyone happy, then look no further than the Honda Odyssey. The cabin in the Odyssey is just gorgeous and looks as good as some interiors we’ve seen in more high-end models. But the technology features are what sets it apart. It has an easy to navigate infotainment system, nice additional manual controls next to the screen for quick climate and audio adjustments, and a Blu-ray system among other things.

Lexus RX

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Lexus was named as the most reliable luxury car manufacturer of 2019, so those who want a trustworthy, quality vehicle need look no further. The Lexus RX is a sleek car with lots of creative functions that make driving and riding in it a pleasure. This might be at the expensive end of this list, but for those who want to impress the Lexus RX is a great choice.

Range Rover Sport

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A classic, the Range Rover Sport is a great all-rounder, making it as good at carpooling as it is at transporting the family on outings or towing a caravan for an impromptu holiday. Everyone will be impressed by this rugged yet stylish car, so it’s a great choice for those who want to make a great impression and show themselves to be a discerning driver.

Renault Grand Scénic

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For those with a lot of colleagues, the Renault Grand Scénic is the perfect option. This 7-seater comfortably fits 7 adult passengers and all their belongings. It also makes for a great family vehicle one the weekends and after work, making it perfect for those who need their car for more than just commuting.

Chevrolet Sonic

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An affordable option for drivers seeking to get from one place to another quickly and efficiently, the Chevrolet Sonic comes in hatchback and sedan options, so you can select the size that works for you. Featuring a range of practical additions, such as rear-view camera assisted parking, this customizable vehicle is great for those who are new to driving and want to select the perfect car that will make their commute more manageable.

Ford S-Max

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A practical car with lots of seats and a streamlined appearance, as well as a powerful engine, the Ford S-Max really has it all. It also boasts cutting-edge technological enhancements that will make your commute more enjoyable, like connected music solutions and seats that can give you a massage. As such, there’s something for everyone in this practical yet indulgent vehicle.

Toyota Sienna

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The Sienna is also a competing minivan and is probably the closest to the Honda in the market. Both also have tons of things in common. They both offer a smooth ride, have a great infotainment system, and strong engines. But what separates the Sienna from the Odyssey is the 4-wheel drive. As a matter of fact, it is the only minivan on the market that features it.

However, the Sienna’s cabin is not as neat as the Odyssey’s. But if you need a vehicle that can handle all sorts of difficult road conditions, the Sienna could be a good choice. Another thing to note is that both the Sienna and Odyssey are not cheap, and the Sienna will cost you roughly the same as some 2 row SUVs on the market.

All these vehicles are great for carpooling, whether you’re traveling with a small group or have to carry a small army to work, school, or events. They all have their own characteristics, however, so make sure that you look into them in detail so you can find the one that fits your lifestyle and needs the best.


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