Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100

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Some people just like their music more than socialization. This is just how they are. As the sounds of socialization are louder, the more they want their private space with the music they love. This is the reason companies started producing noise-canceling headphones. As their name suggests, they are simply canceling out all the other sounds from your surroundings, and give you your private time with your favorite music.

The technology used for these headphones is called ANC or Active Noise Cancelling. At the beginning of their arrival on the market, they were quite pricey and all you want to know about noise canceling is here.

Thankfully, today you can find a plethora of manufacturers that started producing them. This means that you can try out several combinations of prices and quality. So, in order to help you with finding the best one we came up with a list of the best noise-canceling headphones under $100 that you can find on the US market. Sennheiser, renowned audio company, offers premium headphones, microphones, and sound equipment. Their products deliver exceptional sound quality, innovation, and a rich audio experience to enthusiasts worldwide.

It is important to point out that this list is created based on several elements that we used to calculate the overall quality. You can rest assured that these headphones will bring you excellent quality for your money. Without further ado, let us begin.


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We are going to kick off our list with ATH-ANC27X that was manufactured by Audio-Technica. They can look somewhat utilitarian, but you can be sure that it works wonders for you in terms of sound, especially for the price tag you can find on it. Let us see what you can get from this one.

Features and Design

The main downside of this headphones is its design and architecture. They are painted in charcoal gray. When it comes to the branding of earcups, they are done in black and white. The headband is pretty slim and it features a light padding in the region called cranial arch. The earcups are looking like a racetrack oval that has a medium-sized earcup. For those that have somewhat bigger ears, this can potentially represent a problem. Earpads are hoisted in a form ark and it can swivel forward to adapt the design to the shape of the user’s head.


These noise-canceling headphones manage the sounds of the surrounding pretty effectively. The sounds are pretty easily drowned and you can enjoy your music without any problems. With ANC, the overall listening experience is greatly improved. The cleaned background will bring forth the highly balanced audio that these headphones are so famous for.


  • Detachable cable
  • Appreciable ANC
  • A good haul of accessories
  • Punchy, balanced audio


  • Basic design


The next one on our list is MDRZX110NC that comes at a really exceptional price. Sony has managed to pack up enough functionality and quality at the price that is affordable for anybody’s pocket. Its audio is pretty natural and it doesn’t consist of any distorting elements that could disrupt your listening experience. Different from the first headphones on this list of ours, these are pretty stylish when it comes to the design. Surely, they deserve much more credit than they are getting from their price tag.

Features and Design

These headphones are supraural cans. Earpads are resting on the ears instead of being around them, which brings extra comfort. The earcups are round. A very useful feature you can find in these headphones is that they are not going to make your ears hot no matter how much you are going to use them. It is important to know that your ears are not going to be steamy because these headphones will not have any clamping pressure on them. When it comes to the headband, it is sleek and broad at the same time. In the end, we would like to say that the cables are attached to both earpieces.


MDRZX110NC proved to be excellent for a plethora of actions you are performing throughout the day like studying or working. You will be able to distinguish yourself from the sounds from people at around five feet distance, because of the low frequencies. Some of the users claimed that they used these on airplane travels and that they provided an exceptional noise canceling. Naturally, not all air flight sounds can be distanced with this one.

Commute noise is also going to be reduced if you choose to buy these headphones. Surprisingly, you will be able to hear all the important sounds like bus horns and warnings. Like it is the case with a plethora of affordable headphones, they will have somewhat bumped up middle bass, which can be uncomfortable and annoying. But you can enjoy a solid base from the highs and midrange. They will not sound sibilant or bloomy. When it comes to using these headphones on calls, you will hear them much better if you turn on ANC.


  • Lightweight
  • 80-hour battery life
  • Sleek on-ear look
  • War sound with great bass
  • Earcups fold flat and fold up


  • Plastic build

Advantages of Affordable ANC Headphones

Naturally, noise-canceling headphones can have some number of perks. The budget plays a role in constraining that is going to have an effect on the overall quality of headphones. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not qualified enough. Let us present you with the situations you will have the highest advantages in.

Travel: During airplane traveling, there are some noises that could present a problem that could be prevented with your favorite music. In a case you are traveling intermittently maybe you should buy regular headphones, and use noise-canceling headphones as a spare pair.

Focus: It doesn’t matter if you are studying or working, these headphones are going to prevent all the necessary sounds that could have an impact on your focus.

Bluetooth: A vast majority of noise-canceling headphones have Bluetooth connectivity. This will give you enough space if you need to move away from your desk.

Music Volume: In places where socializing sounds are volume up, we tend to volume up our music. The point is that you can listen to your music on very safe volumes for your hearing.