What are the Benefits of Slowing Down Your Dog’s Eating?

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Most dog owners have had a dog that eats too quickly at one point or another in their lives. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, they want to eat as quickly as possible. But, what if we told you that you could slow down your dog’s eating and that it came with benefits?

Slowing your dog at meal times has a wide range of benefits. You’ll find them to not only be more healthy, but more happy.

Some of the benefits of slowing down your dog’s eating include reduced vomiting, less stomach upset, and decreasing the chance that they choke while eating. All of those are big positives to helping keep your dog healthy in the long term.

Something like a Fenrir Puzzle Bowl is the perfect way to slow your dog’s eating and reap the benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits of slowed eating a little more in depth.

Health Benefits of Slowing Down Your Dog’s Eating

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Reduce Bloat: One of the most sought after benefits is the reduced chance of your dog ending up with bloat. By slowing eating, your dog will swallow less air and their stomach is less likely to twist on itself.

Bloat is a medical emergency and if you suspect it, you should seek veterinary help immediately. You can check out this blog article to learn more about bloat.

Prevent Choking: If your dog is only eating a few pieces of food at a time instead of a whole mouthful, they are much less likely to choke on their kibble.

Aids Digestion: Slowing your dog’s eating will give their stomach a chance to settle between bites. This gives their stomach a chance to digest things without being overwhelmed. They’ll experience less stomach upset and gas.

Reduce Vomiting: Most dog’s that eat too quickly eat too much at once and make themselves ill. Eating more slowly gives their stomach a chance to signal their brain that they’re full before they overeat.

Prevent Obesity: Giving your dog’s stomach a chance to signal to their brain to stop eating will mean they’re eating less. This can help curb weight gain.

Mental Benefits of Slowing Down Your Dog’s Eating

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Prevent Boredom: By slowing your dog’s eating with something like a puzzle bowl, you change meal time into another play opportunity. Your dog will have to work to get their food. This is especially important for working dogs and intelligent breeds that need tasks throughout the day.

Tire Your Dog Out: “A tired dog is a good dog” and mental stimulation is a great way to wear your dog out. By giving them a task at meal time, you engage their brains and give them an extra outlet for any pent up energy they may have.