5 Benefits of Resurfacing Your Old and Tired Swimming Pool – 2023 Guide

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Is your swimming pool looking a little worn and tattered? Perhaps you’ve been pondering having it filled in just to get rid of it. An in-ground pool can be a lot of work, but it can also be great to have for your own enjoyment, entertaining, and more. Pool resurfacing is one option when you want to keep your pool, but you’re just not sure what to do with it.

There are different materials that can be resurfaced and refinished to consider, as well as other factors when you are planning for your project. Fortunately, when you work with professionals, you can ensure that your pool resurfacing project will go off without a hitch.

Concrete Resurfacing

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According to pool builders in Naples, concrete, shotcrete, or gunite resurfacing is the most common choice for people looking to improve their in-ground pool. This can be done by draining the pool, sanding down the old surface, filling and repairing cracks, and then re-coating and sealing the entire pool. This is a time-consuming process and it could take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the pool and the amount of restoration needed.

You will want to contact a qualified concrete pool resurfacing professional to guarantee that the job is done right. If you do, however, there are several benefits. Check more here.

Fiberglass Resurfacing

Believe it or not, fiberglass can be sanded down and resurfaced, as long as it hasn’t been done too many times. A new coating can be applied and create a strong, durable shell that will provide many more years of use. Of course, this is a job that should only be done by professionals because it requires expertise and skill. Be sure to contact companies and check their experience. Find out what kind of resurfacing they have done in the past and make sure they know what it takes to handle your fiberglass pool.

The Benefits of Breathing New Life into Your Old Pool

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No matter what type of pool you have, several benefits come from a good resurfacing project. Here are the biggest ones to consider:

A Chance to Upgrade

This is a place where some people might evaluate their options and decide that it’s time to upgrade their pool, rather than just fix what they have. For example, some with a concrete pool or another liner might choose to have a fiberglass liner installed, offering a more durable, long-lasting product that won’t need as much maintenance in the future.

You can always stick with what you’ve got, but you’ll at least want to consider the pros and cons of upgrading rather than resurfacing, as well as what you’re getting for the cost. If the resurfacing project is going to be costly, an upgrade might not be that much of a stretch further.

Improved Safety

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A pool that is worn, cracked, or damaged due to age and use can become dangerous. People can stub toes, cut themselves, or worse. That’s not a good time for anyone.

Resurfacing your pool gives you a chance to improve the safety of the pool, which means that everyone can have more fun with less risk. There are so many potential risks involved with a pool that is in poor condition.

When you resurface, you might even be able to add extra safety features or make improvements to offer enhanced safety. Not only are you getting it back to good, but you are taking it one step further with additional safety improvements. New technologies and products offer a lot more than what was available in the past and it’s worth a look.

Improves Utility Usage and Water Consumption

Cracks, damage, and wear can impact the efficiency of any pool. Water can seep through cracks, creating micro-leaks and requiring excess water used to fill the pool and keep it at the appropriate level. Even if this seems like a minute amount of water, it can add up quickly over time, creating huge water bills and even generating higher electricity bills because the pump has to run more frequently.

When you upgrade to a newer, resurfaced pool, you will be able to trust that it is operating at peak efficiency. You can even discuss upgrades with your pool specialist to see if you can add other energy improvements along the way so that you’re getting the most out of your project.

A New Design

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Who doesn’t love redecorating and redesigning things around the home? If your pool has been the same for the past decade since you moved in, updating might be a fun way to change the style of your home. Resurfacing will allow you to choose a whole new design for your pool, or as mentioned above even upgrade to a fiberglass shell rather than resurfacing, giving you the chance to essentially create a whole new pool if you want.

Even if you just choose a different style for the resurfacing, a tinted colour for the concrete, or any other new detail, you’ll be able to appreciate getting some aesthetic appeal out of your major repair or renovation project, too.

Increased Value

Whenever you renovate or upgrade a part of your home, it’s going to increase the value of your property. Resurfacing a pool is a great way to do that, not only because it adds value in the stylish upgrade, but because a well-maintained, updated pool is safer and presents fewer maintenance needs for the incoming family (in the event that you’re trying to sell).

Although you can’t know exactly how much your home value will increase with this upgrade or refresh, you can probably expect a significant jump when you live in an area where pools are popular. People want low-maintenance and older pools are going to take a lot of time and effort. The look, function, and resale value increase all add to the home value of renovating and resurfacing your pool.

These are just a few of the biggest perks of pool resurfacing.