Are There Modern Alternatives to a Standard Heating System?

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The standard heating system has been around forever. Its design is based around what was possible with technology back in the day. Has anything come out since that offers homeowners improved ways to heat their homes at a lower cost?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. The mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems offer a new take on heating that compliments what already exists and improves upon it.

Let’s learn more.

What is a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System?

The idea with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is that it cuts your energy bills and makes your air cleaner to breathe.

While traditional heating systems warm the air, which later moves skywards, making the rest of the room too cool again, MVHR systems work differently. Instead of needing to reheat the occupied rooms regularly to replace warmth that’s risen skyward, warm air is collected near the ceiling level to be reused.

Using an MVHR system like the ones from Nuaire and fitted by BPCVentilation, the warm air is captured at the ceiling, stripped of its warmth with the spare air moved outdoors. Air from outside is brought inside. Then the fresh air and captured warmth are mixed together to heat it up once it’s been filtered carefully for unwanted air pollutants. The fresh, warm air is then distributed around the home again.

How Does MVHR Reduce Heating Bills?

The cost of pushing the heaters to capacity to heat the occupied rooms and then reheat them again later is expensive. We notice this most during the colder months!

The repeated heating cycle is extremely wasteful. Not only is more electricity used for heating, but the heating system itself is being overused too. This shortens its useful life before it needs to be replaced and increases the chances of a unit needing a repair soon too.

The MVHR units use far less energy to collect, filter, and redistribute clean, warm air throughout the home. This compares well to the cost of using the heaters repeatedly. Instead of paying for the cost of heating several times over, paying just once and then redistributing the same warmth is far more energy-efficient.

Is an MVHR System a Replacement for an Existing Heating System?

Not necessarily.

The heating system performs a useful job. The trick is to only use its heat generation once and then let the MVHR continually redistribute that warmth for the rest of the day.

It’s best to think of MVHR systems as ones that make the regular heating system more efficient through better design rather than as a total replacement. They offer the best of both worlds – reduced energy usage and air filtering for pollutants. When the home is fitted with several MVHR units, it provides a reliable upgrade to what’s already installed that likely will extend the life of the existing heating system.

Thankfully, there are modern alternatives to older style heaters that modernises heating for the home. For people concerned about how much energy they’re using, this is great news.