Alesis Nitro- One Of The Most Popular Electronic Drum Sets

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As music is becoming more and more preferred by many all across the world, the musicians and singers must use instruments, which can add a new dimension to the music industry. That being said, the electronic drums are quite enough to change the course of the music industry and that too for good. And when you have electronic drum guy, getting the best e-drum kit has become easier.

So, when you have a fantastic e-drum kit like Alesis Nitro then not using the drum kit without learning how to play with it would be futile. When you are a pro, using this fantabulous and latest nitro kit from the Alesis group will make your functions and music training sessions more amicable and worthy. Even though the price is a bit high, the way this kit will transform your musical sense is worth of every buck you will spend.

What Are Present In The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit?

Before buying the kit, you first need to learn what exactly are there and how they make the entire package different from others.

  1. 8 inches Dual-Zone Mesh Snare drum, helps you to produce pleasant and quiet sounds that don’t feel like cannons blasting in your ears and heads.
  2. Three pieces of 8 inches Mesh Toms, which help to create dynamic music range for the drummers.
  3. Three pieces of 10” cymbal drums are there, with the ability to produce excellent and pleasant percussion sounds.
  4. The Hi-Hat and Kick Pedals are custom designed by Alesis and hence, help the drummers to control the drums in the best possible way.
  5. The 4-post mountain rack helps everything to keep in place, safe, and secure.
  6. The nitro module from Alesis has more than hundreds of percussion sounds, about sixty built-in tracks, and forty kit sounds.
  7. There is an AUX input where you can connect the microphone.

Why Is Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit One Of The Popular Kits?

Now, after you have learned what you will get in the entire Alesis Nitro mesh kit, it’s time to learn why this e-drum kit is becoming so popular and famous.

  1. The mesh surface of the drums has made it more improved for producing pleasant and quaint music sounds. Also, the mesh has enhanced the sensitivity and dynamics of the drum kit, thus allowing the drummers to rule over the music industry.
  2. Here, the metronome will allow you to sharpen your drumming skills to a great extent. The sequencer and recorder will help you to expand your musical knowledge and practice on a different level.
  3. The best part of the entire kit is the module, which is loaded with numerous music tracks, and other percussion sounds. So, now, either you can use thin-built play tracks or create your music using the drums.
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What Are The Features Of Alesis Nitro Mesh Drum Kit?

Let’s have a look at the advanced features of this electronic drum kit.

  • Properly synced module to help the drummers get a grip over the play tracks.
  • Meshed surface to create pleasant and amicable sounds.
  • USB connections for virtual instruments.