Why Air Con Maintenance Is Essential (And How To Do It Properly)

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For anyone who has had there aircon unit break down in the middle of a summer heatwave, they will tell you that aircon reliability is the most important thing.

But for those of you who have had a smooth running air conditioner for months or even years on end with minimal to no maintenance, you may ask the question of whether maintenance is really worth the time and effort?

Well, this is wrong thinking considering that it could have an issue right now that is just about to cause a major malfunction and breakdown. Even when you feel there is nothing wrong with your AC unit, you should make sure it undergoes regular preventative maintenance.

Still not convinced that aircon maintenance is important? Read on to learn why it is. Also, learn how you can do it properly to ensure your aircon is always performing at its best.

Why is Preventative Maintenance of HVAC Systems Crucial?

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Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning systems should not be overlooked. Many things could go wrong without your knowledge if you are not keeping up to date with regular checks. By ensuring proper maintenance you will save you time and money in the long run.

Without regular maintenance, you could be up for costly repairs for a problem that could have been detected earlier and repaired at lower costs.

So, if you want to enjoy your air conditioner’s cool air in summer and warm air in winter, you must embrace regular maintenance.

Here are the main reasons you should regularly check and maintain your aircon:

Increased unit lifespan – Dust and dirt accumulated over time can result in premature failure or burn out of the air conditioning unit. This is due to the AC being overworked to perform, and parts tend to burnout. This decreases its lifespan. Cleaning is part of the maintenance that gets rid of this dust and dirt.

Minimized repair costs – With regular maintenance, numerous issues can be prevented. Problems are detected early and are repaired in time, which prevents major costly repairs or even total replacement.

Improves air quality – With low air quality, it is highly likely health-related issues will start coming up, especially to those with respiratory problems. Regular cleaning removes fungi and bacteria build-up, which could lead to air contamination. Overall, air quality will be conducive to those in the house. This is especially important in today’s pandemic-stricken world.

Reduces running costs – A poorly maintained air conditioning system does not perform optimally. It will overwork to guarantee the usual performance, which in turn increases power bills. The more it is inspected, cleaned, and repaired when necessary, the better the performance and the lower the power bills. We told you maintenance will save you money!

Your Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Checklist

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Now that you know maintenance is essential, the question is how do you do it properly?

Your air conditioning system consists of several components that must be in good shape for it to produce warm and cold air. From air filters, blowers, evaporator coil, fan to the compressor, many parts make up the unit. For efficient performance, the system should be maintained regularly.

Below is a checklist to ensure that nothing is missed out in your regular maintenance.

For the first time, you perform air conditioning unit maintenance, hire a knowledgeable HVAC company such as Impact Air Solutions. They can show you exactly how to perform consumer maintenance on your specific model.

Air filters – Making sure air filters are cleaned and changed every two months enhances internal air quality. The air conditioning unit is also bound to operate efficiently.

Evaporator Coil – For improved air quality, the evaporator coil must be properly maintained. Check whether there are any leaks, clean the drain pan and replace it when necessary, and treat drain lines for algae. This will see the air conditioner run more efficiently and prevent it from being a source of respiratory issues.

Compressor and Tubing – One of the most important components of your unit is the compressor. It is easy for the system to fail if this part is damaged, thus, the need for it to be inspected regularly. The tubing must also be inspected. Although the compressor and tubing are crucial, having them thoroughly inspected bi-annual is enough.

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Electrical components – There are different electrical components in the ACs which are all crucial. Wire connections can get loose affecting the overall operation of the unit. As part of the maintenance, they should be inspected and tightened where necessary.

Thermostat – Thermostat must be checked regularly due to its importance in the efficiency of your system. The technician will check whether they are in good shape, and if the thermostat seems to be too old, it is replaced.

Vents – If there is no regular maintenance, it is easy for the vents to be blocked. Thus, they must be checked and unclogged.

Control box – For proper functioning of the air conditioning unit, the control box should never be overlooked. It is an integral part of every unit. The wire connections and the circuit board must be checked for any issues.

Blower and burner assemblies – It is vital for the blower to have the expected airflow and to ensure this, it should be kept clean, and without issues through maintenance. Have the burner assemblies checked and adjusted if necessary.

Remember, problems such as poor air quality, overheating, not starting, or shutting off properly can all be prevented with regular maintenance.

Bonus Tip – Follow Recommendations from Manufactures

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When purchasing an air conditioner, you find manufacturers guidelines on how often the system should be maintained. Ensure preventative maintenance is done as per recommendations and on time. This will not only reduce repair costs, but it also guarantees an efficient air supply.

Preventative maintenance is affordable unlike when you have to replace crucial parts of the unit. Only minor repairs are done and if this is overlooked, there will be major ones to be taken care of. It is not all about the money, but also about air quality.

The system will perform optimally and you will not have issues with air quality. Work with a technician who understands your unit and can give you an ideal maintenance program.