9 Best Crystal Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends in 2023

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When a decade and a half from the moment when you say yes passes, then you are about to celebrate your Crystal Anniversary. Usually, people celebrate this event as one of the most important landmarks in their long-lasting relationship. As you can presume, the 15th anniversary is a pretty big one and it is considered to be a perfect time for you to remind your partner how much you love him, or her. This is a really significant milestone.

The tradition is that a couple is getting some kind of crystal gift in order to symbolize a sparkling and clear love between wife and husband. Also, it symbolizes time what they’ve spent together and the time they will spend in the future.  Crystals possess different properties which can be used for unblocking Chakras, If you’re looking at blue crystals. Sodalite may be a good option. Find everything you need to know about Sodalite at Sodalite Minds.

If you are interested in browsing down some additional crystal gifts for you can click here.

In modern times usual gifts are watches or glasses. A high number of couples are feeling challenged when they need to select a proper gift when it comes to a modern or traditional gift for this occasion. Maybe Timex can be considered somewhat less romantic than other ideas, no matter how good-looking it is. So, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of the best crystal anniversary gift ideas you can give to your friends.

The best ones you can give to your partner is a whole another story, we will cover that in another article. You need to let your love shine through the gift you are giving to your partner or appreciation when it comes to the gift you are giving to your friend. Without further ado, we are going to provide you with this list of ours now.

1. Natural Crystal Candle Holder

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The natural crystal candle holder is bound to provide a room with some kind of warm glow. If your loved one loves to enjoy a glass of wine or to unroll a yoga mat in the morning or evening, you can get a crystal holder that can make the environment richer than it is without it. Moreover, you can provide several candles and you have a truthfully romantic setting.

2. Crystal Candle Holder

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If you are interested in the marvelously modern and innovative take on crystal homeware, you can check out a dramatic candle holder made by Swarovski. It is eye-catching, elegant, and a perfect choice for a girl who likes some like the traditional gift that has some trendy vibes.

3. Quartz Crystal Platter

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You can gift your friend and its partner with an absolutely astonishing crystal platter. This is the kind of gift that can really tie the room together. It is both unusual for a gift and luxurious at the same time. Moreover, you can combine with some other ornaments in order to make a pretty dazzling display. Furthermore, this is a winner for any girl that is in love with pink color and a grown-up way to display it.

4. Crystal Wrist Watch

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Do you want to take the opportunity and provide your friend with a watch that can symbolize a long-lasting love? This is an elegant watch, and a perfect gift you can give to your friend. Even though the style is pretty minimalistic, it is pretty elegant and it can be fitted in a wide array of styles, from everyday wear to more luxurious ones.

5. Crystal Vase

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A crystal vase is always a perfect gift. Just imagine crystal vase that you are going to gift your partner, which is filled with roses. This can have a pretty long-lasting effect you decide to give this gift to your partner on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of your marriage. Also, you should look no further than Waterford Crystal, which is an iconic brand started over 200 years ago, back in the 18th century.

6. Cerise Crystal Charm

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If your partner loves a good charm bracelet, then you should opt for one that is provided by Pandora. You can be sure that your loved one will fall in love with it the moment she sees it. Also, you can be sure that it will provide her with a lot of wonderful memories that could last forever. Moreover, it will stay fresh because you can mix and match, which means she will never get bored of it. Pandora is an exceptional brand that has a wide array of charms you can choose from.

7. Crystal Bracelet

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Crystal bracelet is something that you can’t miss with. Every lady loves a bracelet. If you decide to gift a crystal bracelet it will have a much more powerful effect. And the question is, is there any better or more popular brand you can turn to then Swarovski? To be honest, there isn’t. If you don’t have any better or more unique idea for a crystal anniversary gift then you should opt for this one, without a doubt. You can select from a wide array of designs.

8. Agate Crystal Bookends

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In case your friends are bookworms, you can gift them something special when it comes to crystal anniversary. You can give them something called agate crystal books ends. Just imagine, it can look stunning and exceptional on a white shelf. This is a crystal that is set off with small pieces of gold. Without any doubt, this is a gift that is going to make a lot of noise, especially, as we said if you give it to a bookworm.

9. Bouquet of Roses

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Probably the most common gift ladies are receiving for any kind of celebration is a bouquet of roses. Even though it is, like we said, the commonest one, it still produces a high level of happiness on your loved one. You can combine it with another gift on our list, crystal vase. This gift is bound to produce a positive effect.