7 Reasons First Time Home Buyers Should Consider A Patio Home

When you think of a patio home, you might picture a house with a big porch, patio homes are something else entirely. Realtor.com describes patio homes as homes attached to each other that are architecturally similar to townhouses and condos, just smaller.

Patio homes usually have a maximum of one or one-and-a-half stories and their uniformity gives them great curb appeal.

Although patio homes are relatively new, they make a fantastic first home due to their affordability and other cool features.

1. Many patio homes are built near golf courses

If you like to play golf, patio home in the right location can make your hobby convenient. Who has time to drive to the golf course after work, or every weekend? If you live near a golf course, driving there isn’t a chore.

In locations like Scottsdale, Arizona, for example, golf courses are a big deal. Many people retire in AZ just to have access to a good golf course. If you love to golf, you’ll find some beautiful patio homes in Scottsdale from Kay-Grant either connected to or adjacent to a golf course. In some locations, you can see the golf course from your property.

You don’t need to be retired to live near a golf course. If you enjoy playing but don’t want to drive very far, living near a course would be fantastic. You can play anytime you want, as long as the course is open.

2. Patio homes are in high demand

There is a good reason patio homes are a popular choice among first-time buyers. These homes are often built in the middle of communities surrounded by more expensive homes. Many of these communities are great places to live, and the only way a first-time buyer has access to them is through buying a less expensive property. Before patio homes, the only way to get a less expensive property was to buy a fixer-upper.

3. Your neighbors are close by

For some people, having neighbors close by isn’t their cup of tea. However, some people love being social and enjoy getting to know their neighbors. If that’s how you roll, a patio home will make it easy to connect with your neighbors.

Although your neighbors will be close by, you won’t have any neighbors above or below you, like you would in a condo community.

4. Patio homes can blend in with existing homes

A series of patio homes can be created to blend in with the surrounding community. Sometimes they’re made with brick veneers and other times they’re made with clapboard siding to match older homes nearby.

If aesthetics are important to you, and you want your home to match the rest of the neighborhood, a patio home can meet those requirements.

5. You’ll own the land (usually)

When you buy a condo or townhome, you don’t usually own the land or structures like walkways, porches, and fences. You also don’t own shared spaces like the lawn (even if it’s “your” lawn). When you buy a condo or townhome, the portion of the home you own is the inside.

When you buy a patio home, on the other hand, you’ll usually own the land your home sits on and all your property’s immediate structures.

6. Your community will be quieter

Since patio homes tend to have fewer residents, the communities tend to be quieter. The homes are smaller so it makes sense that a family of five wouldn’t likely choose to live in a patio home.

Also, people generally stay for a longer period of time. The tenant turnover rate will be less frequent than what you’re used to if you’ve been living in apartments.

7. Maintenance is usually the community’s responsibility

Perhaps the best reason to own a patio home is that maintenance is generally the HOA’s responsibility. Communities want their homes to look a certain way, and it’s easier for the homeowners’ association to handle it to their specifications.

Not having to perform maintenance and landscaping is definitely worth paying HOA fees. The amenities provided by the community are a plus.

Ask your realtor about patio homes

If you’re looking for a home to buy and your realtor hasn’t mentioned patio homes, ask if they’ve got anything to show you. Your realtor might presume you wouldn’t be interested, but if you’ve read this article and want to see for yourself, make a specific request. If you’re home shopping on a budget, a patio home could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.