6 Top Swimming Pool Upgrades For 2024

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Thinking of remodeling your home this year? How about an outdoor upgrade with a swimming pool remodel? Most homeowners are wary of redecorating their swimming pool thinking that it’s going to be expensive but this is not at all true. You can upgrade your swimming pool along with your poolside using some practical techniques.

1. A New Greener Landscaping

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Before you start with the pool, you may start with the landscaping surrounding the area. Experts recommend that the space around it should be included in your outdoor rehab. By carefully planning the ideal greens and how much greens to add can dramatically boost your swimming pool’s décor.

But just planting anything won’t cut it. You must pick the correct plant, tree, shrub or grass to enhance landscaping. For instance, you can boost your poolside décor by using a theme like a Hawaiian tropical theme with colorful flowering plants and trees or a desert oasis theme with palm trees, cactuses, and sand.

Also, avoid fragile plants that need a lot of time and effort to maintain. Also, consider that fragile plants may not do well with chlorine water especially when these are placed along the poolside. Examples are orchids, anthurium, and other flowering plants.

2. How About Cool Pool Lighting?

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This is not just for décor but is also for safety. Lighting must be installed inside and outside the pool to enhance safety. Lighting prevents slips and falls especially at night. Also, proper lighting can enhance the overall appearance of your pool.

Pool lighting is essential so you can host nighttime parties and events. Also, it adds an air of class and luxury which is more than just a regular upgrade.

The coolest lighting systems that are very popular these days are LED lighting that changes color. You can play with your pool color to match your mood or your party theme. Some LED lights are easy to install but we recommend a professional do it.

Professional lighting contractors will check your system first and recommend the ideal lighting system to match your needs and to suit your tastes. Installers may cost more but it’s a guarantee that your lighting system is safe and secure and the components used are of the best quality.

3. Add A Pool Shade

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It’s fun to swim and hang around the pool but too much sun could be dangerous especially for the very young and for adults as well. Consider installing a pool shade on at least a few areas of the place. Trees and tall plants may offer natural shade but this may not be enough.

You may install poolside umbrellas or use a large canopy that you can open and fold up when not in use. You may also consider adding a water fountain at the end of the pool to keep water surrounding this area cooler. A minibar near the swimming area is another good idea so you can serve cold drinks and chilled desserts if anyone wants to rest and cool down. Click here to get great deals on garden and patio furniture at couponlawn.com

A shade is also a good investment should you decide to host a poolside party. Your guests will have fun and can refresh themselves near the poolside.

4. Install Railing And Enclosures

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Adding railing and enclosures are not just for aesthetic purposes but are also in place to secure the pool and the poolside. If you have young children or pets then it’s best to keep the area safe. But it does not mean that if you add railings or enclosures that your overall décor will become ruined. There are many ways to secure the poolside and also enhance the appearance of your poolside landscape.

You may consider a new garden and poolside enclosures made of see-through glass or mesh screen. Glass and mesh screens will safely cover the pool and won’t obstruct the view. Another alternative is wood which will match a tropical or natural poolside or patio décor. Wood will also match other aesthetics in your yard.

5. Other Pool Decorations

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If you already have these and still want to upgrade your pool then you may consider other elements.

How about a poolside shower? Aside from enhancing décor creating that “paradise” feel, a shower is a good idea to wash off before using the pool. Also, a quick shower is a good thing after wading or swimming in the pool to remove chlorine from your hair and body.

Another cool upgrade is adding a waterfall. This water feature can be the focal point of your backyard. A waterfall will serve as a relaxing area where guests can dine or relax. You may build not just a waterfall but a secure “romantic” area under the waterfall.

We suggest using a natural rock to create your waterfall project. Install this along the deeper part of your pool so you can jump from the top of the waterfall rock to the pool. As always, safety is important. Consider an expert contractor to construct a waterfall rock for you. Most projects like these start with a design. You can draw your own design or inspiration or you may ask an artist to make these for you.

6. Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Filter

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The most important upgrade of all is to hire a professional to clean your swimming pool filter. This new year should be the start of a new and well-maintained pool and cleaning and maintaining the filter and pump is a must. Consider asking a professional to assess the efficiency of your filter and also talk about some major upgrades on your cleaning system.

Have your drainage cleaned and any broken or improperly working parts fixed. Take note that an efficient filter and pump will better clean your pool to make it a perfectly healthy place where you and your family can hang out.

These upgrades will surely make your pool, poolside and outdoor area the envy of all.