3 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

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Managing your employees can be a complicated task, and the last thing you want is a chaotic work environment. In chaotic work environments, employees often feel trapped and unappreciated.

Employees spend most of their waking day at work, and if they’re more comfortable in an open and easy going environment, they are more likely to be more productive. To prevent any problems in your own office, here are three ways to keep productivity up among your employees.

Improve the workplace environment

Improving the workplace environment doesn’t always mean having a comfy red couch that your employees can lounge on. Improvements can begin with little things like personalized folder printing. Employees feel a sense of recognition if they’re getting more than just a number two pencil, a pen, and a stapler at their desk.

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Improvements to the workplace environment can also include a proper space for eating lunch and an updated coffee machine with complimentary coffee. Improving the workplace environment will encourage employees to stay in the office during lunch and breaks, minimizing tardiness and raising productivity.

Have an open door policy

When management has an open door policy in the office, it allows employees to feel free to come into their office to discuss even minor issues. Open door policies allow employees to develop a strong relationship with their superiors. When employees are scared to come forward and speak to their supervisor about trivial issues, it’ll be hard to get them to speak about pressing serious issues if they occur.

Employees should always feel as though their supervisors are stern enough to punish them for wrongdoings but open enough to have a conversation about their children’s school play, for example. Productivity will go up when this policy is in place, mostly due to the fact that employees won’t hesitate before bringing problems and issues up with their supervisor.

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Encourage a laid back environment

If an employee is spending the bulk of their day in an environment where they feel as though they’re being judged or watched, productivity will go down. For example, if an employee feels as though they need to hide in the bathroom to send a text to their spouse about dinner, it takes more time for them to go to the restroom and get situated than it does for them to send the text from their desks.

If an employee is restricted by policies, they tend to care less about deadlines and even coming to work. Who wants to come to work in an environment where people are scared to touch their phones? Large tech companies and even big corporations are easing off harsh dress codes and allowing employees to flex their time to enjoy activities with their families. When this is encouraged, the employee will not want to jeopardize their employment and will be more productive.

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Encouraging your employees to work isn’t enough to increase productivity these days. Employees need to feel wanted, appreciated, and as if their time is important. Improving the environment that your employees work in makes them more likely to stick around and have a cup of complimentary coffee on their breaks, instead of running to the nearest coffee shop. Having an open door policy is important for the relationship between the supervisor and employee to flourish. Having a laid back environment takes the pressure off of the employee and lets them focus on what’s important to them.

If you take the time to take care of your employees, they will want to work their hardest for you instead of just working the bare minimum.