We apologize for the recent technical difficulties. The website is back online and functioning.

Due to FTC activity and subsequent receivership and legal fees over the last year, Butterfly Labs has insufficient funds to pay out all refund requests at the present time.

We continue to work on efforts to enable us to pay all refunds, including selling assets and inventory and seeking additional infusion of capital to allow us to generate revenue. The company laid off all employees in May (including managers and owners). Managers and owners continue to work without pay. Because of our small staff, we apologize if we are unable to respond to your emails quickly.

In 2014 and 2015 to date we've refunded a total of $16,647,491. However, due to our financial condition, our ability to continue paying refunds have been impacted significantly. There are currently 1,585 orders remaining in the refund queue.

In August 2014, before the FTC shut down Butterfly Labs, our expectations based on customers who wanted hardware shipped, assets and other factors we projected that we would have been able to refund everyone and complete shipping. Unfortunately the impact of the FTC action has left us and our customers in a position where it will be exceedingly challenging to resolve the much larger than anticipated refund queue.

Customers in the refund queue will be notified when their refund is being made or confirming when their refund has been made.

Once again, we are working on solutions that will allow us to resume providing refunds as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.